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Mental health matters y’all ✊🏻⁣
I think we need to take some time to appreciate those who make it to work every single day even though their crippling anxiety makes them want to cuddle up in bed. ⁣
How about all of you who are burdened with the weight of depression that has consumed you for months and months on end, and you’re just not sure there is a better day to come? ⁣
Ever told your best friend you don’t know that you see a future for yourself five years down the road because you’re not sure you’re going to make it five years. . .⁣
How about the copious amounts therapy you’ve paid for to sit in a silent room until you’re comfortable speaking to your late mother? Ok, that one might just be me.⁣
Well, my wild little brain says that we should love on and hold those who struggle more than just one day a year. And guess what, 8.7% of our female-population in 2019 report having depression. You guys in a world of 7.7 billion people, that’s a lot of fucking sadness. ⁣
It starts with us, ⁣
Having open arms. ⁣
Sharing that someone isn’t alone.⁣
Caring enough to ask the questions.⁣
Being intentional.⁣
Loving well.⁣
Living kindly. ⁣
I am in the process of researching all the in’s and out’s of what creating a non-profit looks like! Let me tell ya it ain’t easy. ⁣
Let me also tell ya! Although I don’t know what this all entirely looks like, I do know I’ve been called to love the hell out of people who just aren’t sure how to love themselves in their current situation, whether it’s: ⁣
Addiction. ⁣
Loss. ⁣
Trauma. ⁣
Self image.⁣
you are loved, you are chosen + you have a friend in me. ⁣
#nationalmentalhealthday #overcomerIAM

It’s so so amazing to see the amount of posts which have been talking about mental health today. One of the biggest issues that surrounds disorders like depression is how the stigma makes people think that it isn’t ok to talk about there own mental health. Like it isn’t ok to ask for help.

Days like today are bringing mental health into the public eye and squashing this stigma. And every single post raises awareness just that little bit more. 
But it isn’t enough just to talk about it one day a year. This is an issue that needs to be spoken about all the time, and should always be in the forefront of everyone’s minds. 
Do you have any mates who have suddenly lost interest in activities they used to enjoy? Maybe they’ve mentioned being unable to get to sleep? Or maybe they just don’t seem themselves.

Either way, make sure that you’re there for them to talk to. Don’t be afraid to ask them how they’re doing. 
I didn’t really know what to post along with this message. 
I sit here and preach about negative social comparison and the effect that social media has on body image dissatisfaction and then post cherry picked photos of me posing and tensing in the best lighting I can find. 
As much as it boosts my ego it isn’t why I wanted to start this page in the first place. So after stuffing my face I decided to film this, an actual insight into how I look. Absolutely horrendous, but atleast I’m staying true to my message. 
Don’t trust what you see on social media and stop comparing yourself to other people. Focus on your own growth and achievements.

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