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29 Inspirational for Your Desktop
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3D-art challenge with my fellow animator reinahm. The idea was to create images with skateboards. I chose to make the longboard, I think it's one of the most graceful ways of transportation 🏄‍♀️ Definitely check Reina's version on her page!
Also, you can download the high-res widescreen wallpaper version for your desktop on my website
Thank you thefruitpeeler 🙏 for inspiration pics!
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We are so excited to see the blackspoonbistro’s new website and branding come to life! Over the past few months, we’ve had the extreme pleasure of getting to know this brand on a personal level and let me tell ya… the passion, love, laughs, and hard work that goes into every aspect of this business is inspiring. It all started with the Black Spoon Bistro, now unanimously known as one of the best places to eat in Cape Breton, and it’s become SO MUCH MORE!
Getting to work on their brand and website was such a pleasure. We can’t wait for people to dive into it, use the menus, and get the most out of these awesome establishments!
Check out the website on your mobile phone and your desktop for unique experiences - all photography was done in house at Cageless Content and the epic video reel on the desktop view we developed with our friends at martinmediaproductions !
Check out their Facebook post for the chance to enter a pretty great contest!
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🦋La Dolce Vita 🦋
What greater inspiration is there than nature itself? When we isolate ourselves indoors and with our faces in our computers, it’s easy to lose track of what’s really important. We start comparing ourselves, pressuring ourselves, giving all of our time to things that don’t actually matter in the long run. 
When we step outside we remember that we are part of something so much bigger than ourselves. That the world is so much more vibrant in person than through a screen. 
Personally I find it much easier to think clearly, hear my inner voice, and see the path when I am outside with my eyes to the horizon. 
And when I am inside, I surround myself with images of the outdoors including around my desk space and on my desktop to remind me of what is actually real and the freedom that  nature makes me feel. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
If you desire some new inspirational art for your desk, bedroom, office, or living room, our online store is opening VERY SOON and we can’t wait to share our Best of Flash The Abyss with you! This is an exciting chapter for us and we look forward to donating 50% of sales to causes that will nourish this planet and invite the feminine upon it to flourish. 🦋Stay Tuned!🦋
10 Ways to Get Out of a Workplace Rut

1. Hold an impromptu brainstorming session for a task you've been avoiding, and offer to repay the favor to coworkers.

2. Move a regular meeting to a cafe for a change of scenery and a mugful of energy.

3. Mentor junior employees over lunch to gain a fresh perspective on the status quo.

4. Turn off your phone, close your office door, and focus on one project, completely uninterrupted.

5. Break for five minutes of desk-side yoga to destress your body and mind.

6. Enroll in an evening class that you look forward to—something that flexes a part of your brain neglected at the office.

7. Hang a discrete mood-board by your desk. Swap out pictures, quotes, and other motivating odds-and-ends on a regular basis.

8. Make an event out of a recurring meeting by treating the team to pastries or pizza.

9. Work through your daily schedule backwards. Tackle afternoon tasks first thing in the morning, and postpone morning tasks until after lunch.

10. Skip the routine altogether, and take a mental health day to recharge and refresh. Your work—and state of mind—will be better for it.

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So I was browsing my desktop old folders and found some of my old works. 
This is one of my best teenage digital drawing I made back when I was 14 using MS Paint by "Curve Tool" ♌ that I was in love with. I named it multi-dimentional. This is inspired by old CRT Monitor/Television sets. And I was playing lot of Chess that time so the checkers are inspired by Chess board I think. It took me a month to finish this, this isn't very hard as it seems.
I am left handed basically but when I used computer for the first time the mouse was on right side and I did first thing on computer was DRAWING, but by right hand it was tough. Though I mastered it somehow, and now most my digital works are by my right hand 🖐! Products of my "analytical" part of brain.
Later I learned that in order to balance your artowork you should draw from both hand which I already did thanx to "Right Hand Dominated World" 😁

I will share some of them soon. I am just amazed at my "mini me." #digitalpainting #mandala #crativity #artwork #amazing #beautiful #inspiring #selfmotivation
Nice poster, is not it?

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