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50+ Best You Are Special Pictures And Photos
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I am a person who does so much at the time that i loose perspective of how special is what i’m doing. In this photo you don’t see a person who is proud of herself. 
You see a person who is too attached to what is happening in that moment, this person is not able to take a step back and see the big picture. 
This person made a dream come true, but all she saw was endless mistakes. 
You see someone who forgot how important it is to clap to ourselves. 
Most of us except too much from ourselves and never give ourselves credit for all the things we are doing right. 
Trying our best, facing the challenges, while feeling a range of messy, confusing emotions and healing from pains - large and small. 
Stop and give yourself a little credit, clap for yourself then and now ‼️
And i hope whatever you are doing, you are stopping now and then and not doing it at all.. to allow yourself too see the big picture of how beautiful it is. 
We are the dreams we dream! ⭐️
brb literally crying over this review 😭😭 the feelings are soo mutual for you two!💛😭💛 “There are not enough words to describe how INCREDIBLE Kayla is. She made our entire engagement and wedding experience on July 27th absolute perfection from beginning to end... We knew immediately we wanted to hire her, but then meeting her in person and getting to hear what she was all about, we were sold!

Kayla is just special. She is warm, kind, and attentive to detail She made my fiancé and I confident that she would give us amazing photography; and that she did. Our engagement shoot was an absolute blast! For two people who had never posed together for a professional photoshoot, she made us feel SO comfortable and good!

The day of the wedding, I kept making the joke that Kayla felt like my honorary bridesmaid. She lifted my train when needed, made sure I was happy and comfortable, and never failed to leave a smile on all my wedding party’s faces. She had our pictures edited and completed in a very prompt and timely manner, and we were in complete awe when we saw them. We immediately cried! There were so many pictures, with so much variation, and every picture was absolutely stunning. She made us feel every emotion we had in those exact moments. She captured incredible candid moments between us and our family and friends, while taking the most beautiful staged photos of my husband and I (we seriously kept saying, “is this really us?!”-they looked that good!) Kayla’s stunning work speaks for itself: it is evident she has an amazing eye, and that she is very talented with her photography skills, But what you won’t see until you get the pleasure of working with her is her thoughtful nature, her warm and kind spirit, her ability to make all feel comfortable and beautiful, and her above-and-beyond work she gives to every client. We still say that she was, hands down, our absolute favorite vendor. Kayla, from the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful for you. You gave us the most meaningful gift we could ask for: amazingly captured snapshots of the best day of our lives. You are a rare, and incredible find. Thank you! Do yourself a favor and hire her TODAY!”
Blackwater diving is a unique night dive which will take you offshore where you will hang or drift over open ocean. You'll have the opportunity to see animals ranging from perfectly clear larval fish and invertebrates to siphonophores out in the deep. If you want to observe something you have never seen before, this is the dive for that. After a full week of photos in Lembeh and Manado, I leave the place with more macro experience and with a lots of new creatures for my collection.  Finally I could see with my own eyes countless numbers of species that before I could only see on internet, books or others people’s acc.
Let me explain what you are seeing in this photo. This is a fire worm still in a state of development.  It is less than 1 cm, and I was able to locate thanks to the powerful and personalised lights that gave me for this purpose. This picture was taken in only 20 meters. It’s very impressive being in really deep water (around 300mts to the bottom) in the middle of the night drifting with the current. I know it sounds a bit extreme but is the only way to capture critters like that.
I have plenty of new footage that I will be posting from now on. A special thanks to cocotinos , an outstanding resort with probably the best services I’ve ever seen, also with very experienced local guides that will be able to find any critter you request, this guys are seriously PROFESSIONAL! I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for real Macro, and all the variety of species you can imagine •

I told myself I would do this to show my growth in makeup ... This look was one year ago and the one to your right is yesterday both on 4th of July . I have a video on both of these looks.. can I just say that I am so proud of how far I’ve come 😂. I pushed so hard past negativity something I’ve never really cared about bc I knew that I wasn’t going to pick up that makeup brush and be incredible, but one thing I knew was that if I tried and believed in myself I could do it. I never stopped practicing even when people made fun of the stupid makeup looks I did. I never stopped even when I couldn’t cut my crease the right way or blend correctly or even take a picture right . This picture is more then just about makeup it’s about having application , professionalism , how I take the picture, having my hair done, so much goes into this one photo . I wanted to say how grateful I am for my moms telling me when I looked like an absolute fool and coming from them it was always upsetting but as I get older it gets easier to hear the truth from them , bc you began to realize there not trying to pick on you or hurt your feelings there trying to help you grow and protect you, for that I am forever grateful and I will always cherish every piece of honesty you have given me . Your honesty and love has provided me with so much more than you know , to expect the same amount of love from anyone else in my life . Loyalty , honesty ,  trust , and love. I also wanted to tell my mommy levinstreetboutique  happy birthday I love you so much and you deserve the best this weekend and tmr . I hope you feel special bc you are special and I love you and mother .
✨🙌I am my own competition & motivation.
I compare myself only to who I was yesterday or my future self, not to anyone else.
This picture was taken 8 months ago. Aesthetically, I was in amazing shape and looking at it motivates the hell out of me! When I need motivation, I don’t look for it in others, I seek it in myself and my own personal journey.
Comparing yourself to someone else might motivate you for a little while, but most likely it will result in jealousy and insecurity. Because guess what?! You’re never going to look just like someone else! You are special. You are YOU! Parents- please teach your children this early on.
Whenever someone asks me, “How can I look like you?” (very flattering and thankful for the compliment). My Answer is: God made you perfect. Your goal should be to be the BEST version of yourself! No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you, than you! YOU define yourself on your own terms! *
We ALL have room for self-improvement, but that needs to begin with internal motivation and ultimately, happiness. We are all unique in our own way and the sooner you realize it, the better. If you need to change, don’t do it because of the way someone else lives his or her life, do it because it will make you better!!
We all came into this world with our own blueprint. Once you find what you love and do it to the best of your ability, you will be on the path to greatness. Don’t try to mold yourself according to society’s standard of success, mold yourself according to your own!
I realize some people will love this photo and some will think it’s a bit much. I love being strong! I love muscles! I love being/feeling healthy, muscular, lean and curvy. That is when I feel optimal. There is a fear that women have of becoming too muscular. Muscles are beautiful and feminine when done right:) Most of you have seen me in a tank top or dress and I’m pretty sure I still look feminine😉. Different post about this subject coming soon! Share your thoughts! 
#fitmoms #fitover40 #motivation #confidence #muscleup #fit #fitlife #fitness #womenwholift #womenthatlift #murves
Nice poster, is not it?

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