Poster 76 Inspirational Picture Quotes And Best Motivational Images

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76 Inspirational Picture Quotes And Best Motivational Images
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Good morning ☀️ happy Tuesday wanted to share with you guys a thought,  you know that quote that says don’t compare your charter #1 to someone else’s chapter #20... we scroll through social media looking for motivation and sometimes we find ourselves comparing our lives with someone’s picture through a profile let me tell you no one is posting their failures on social media this platform can be use for many things (fitness, cooking , funny videos , gossip , sales etc... I want to let you know that I want to use mine to help other be their best version,  I’m not here to impress anyone with a workout or body I wish someone encouraged me to be the best version of myself in my teen years I know theirs a lot of you guys in high school lost looking for a purpose searching for more in life after school , does that care for self image ( body, having perfect skin , or hair )  to be liked by your classmates (been there ) and it’s hard if you don’t have a circle of influence to keep you in track you’ll easily can lose your personality and blend into anything that’s not you . My name is Larybel rosario I’m 23 years old ,Dominican 🇩🇴 whos looking for anyone that wants to reach their full potential it takes a lot of courage to be yourself in social media and in person to be that same person that you see in a picture and when you see them in person ( I want people to take my courage as an inspiration to inspire others) let’s inspire the world doing our best. If your looking for a community, health or just want to be healthier mentality and physically I want to help (DM me) let’s chat
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Just as Rome gave me a love of 🍷, Kauai gave me a love for Mother Nature after this 4 hour hike. Anyone who knows me will 😂 because I am NOT an outdoors girl. I prefer fashion over function 😃. But heck, how can you not explore this beautiful island?? -
After off-roading through the rain in our Jeep, we hiked for 2 hours through the rain on Alaka’i Swamp Trail. I missed a step and submerged my entire shoe into black murky mud. My favorite quote from my husband was, “It feels like diarrhea in my shoes!” 🥴 It was getting late and we didn’t want any to get stuck in the dark. We ALMOST turned back, but 10 minutes later we finally reached the Kilohana Lookout! -
You know that image of a miner who decides to turn around and the diamonds are a few feet ahead?? I always picture this when I’m working so hard toward a goal and things don’t go how I expected. The only way you can be successful is if you don’t give up. KEEP MOVING FORWARD! Even if it’s baby steps. The satisfaction from achievement will be the best reward. I’m saying this as I’m on a free vacation to Hawaii that I earned from thirtyone 💕
The best perks ever for a side gig! Start your own adventure for only $15 this month! DM for more info junglejane31  #janenewtongifts #leadershipincentivetrip #LIT2019 -
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