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Adidas - Cave
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Road trip to the Taroko Gorge in #Taiwan 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ with harrisonarachel and would definitely recommend it 👌🏼 We completed the Baiyan trail to find a gorgeous swing bridge and Baiyan waterfall plus a water curtain cave 💦 that got us soaked but was bloody refreshing 😃 as well as stopping by at the Eternal Spring Shrine 🙏🏻 Side note, this was such an epic drive around the gorge, driving through cliffsides with a massive river next to you and copious amounts of tunnels ⛰ so good. .
#travel #workingholiday #taroko #gorge #hiking #adidas #tunnel #caves #gaijin #nature #oe #bridge #waterfalls #asia
Some essentials that I keep in my gym bag. As a retired athlete, I carry a fraction of what I used to but nonetheless it’s worth checking out. From right to left I have;  1) metal orange knee wraps that I picked up when I was thinking about coming outta retirement in 2017. I seldom use them but they are great when I transition into a strength phase of a heavy squat block, 2) an elite FTS and Mueller cloth Elbow sleeve for those nagging biceps tendon issues (for some reason I almost always wear them only on the arm that’s nagging me which drew odd looks when I was competing.l), 3) knee sleeves, I’m currently using some Stoic brand sleeves that I grabbed on sale a few years back, I’d guess that I wrap my knees more often then using sleeves so they get used quite seldom despite pretty beat up knees, 4) Classic Inzer knee wraps (despite seldom using them in the early years of competing, I always had them on hand and John Inzer was always awesome to me so I always had some nice new ones on hand for other guys to steal 😬), 5) Inzer custom briefs (seldom use them but I’ve always carried them around with in my bags. I used to pack my competition gear into 2 bags Incase 1 got lost. Suits were in one bag and these briefs in another. These are basically a modified convertible fusion suit that inzeradvancedesigns made to fit me and they are awesome despite being over a decade old), 6) Older then dirt ironmind wrist straps (these ones are one of my original sets, Randall Strossen made me some longer black ones that were wider with a thicker material that I still but they were mostly for thick bars, these were my main training pair for “normal lifting”. They have a few 900 +lb pulls and 2 pulls over 1000 lbs in them 😊), 7) a pair of converse Chuck Taylor’s that animalpak supplied me when dangreenpowerlifter and I deadlifted together in the Animal Cage (I squat in them weekly), 8)  a pair of 2007 Adidas Adistar oly shoes classic style with wood wedge, 8) a knee wrap roller, 9) mini deadlift bar jack and 10) Inzer lever belt (This is the first and only one I’ve ever had, still going strong after about 15 years or so). All this crammed into my teamaffinity Cave Man bag!
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