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Artificial Intelligence Hacker
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Cybersecurity as a career ?
Especially in India amoz.official
Cybersecurity Is Growing rapidly now .Everyone is showing interest in it ,people are devoting time to learn new things about ethical hacking as well as cyber security now the question arises is it fine to choose it as a career ? Yes it is a great idea in todays date to choose cybersecurity as a career because of the increase in number of companies.  Companies are becoming more Advanced they are shifting to Cloud Computing , Blockchain , Artificial Intelligence ,Networking and IoT ( Internet of things ) .Now when number of Network devices are increasing it is an obvious thing that hackers will become more active . So Cybersecurity is needed to protect all the digital assets of the company .Releasing a patch for a  software is now a regular process which means Every security comes with some vulnerabilty it will never stop. 
What are the most demanded positions in cyber security ?
Network Security Engineer 
Cyber Security Analyst
Security Architect 
Cyber security Manager 
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Now lets talk about India ...
It is good to choose Cyber security as a career in india too You will even get a job but the issue here is companies still dont believe that cybersecurity is one of the important thing so they pay less there are very few companies in india who pay good Salary to cybersecurity Department but I hope it will be fixed soon.
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#linux #kalilinux #vulnerable #vulnerability #developer #programmer #programming #anonymous #networking #ccna #cissp #coder #coding #metasploit #ethicalhacking
#Telling the #Zambian #Story is a series of great individuals before their rise to public recognition and acknowledgement. On this episode I quote my friend the paradigm shift writer and editor when I say "They shouldn't have given these niggas the internet". This is because another young man has just proven that when resources such as information from the internet is sought after, one can achieve greatness. geraldphiri98 is the focus of this episode. Gerald Phiri is a Computer Science student at Northrise University. People know how smart he is but I don't think they know the amount of work and dedication he puts into his work. Under the program he is currently pursuing, the course ith JavaScript, a programming language used to make Android apps is not offered. So Gerald decided to teach himself how to program and create apps with just a book he got from the internet. The guy is now able to create Android and IOS applications from the knowledge he acquired. He gives credit to the theory of repetition. Said that he had to read the entire book several times just so he could be as good at programming. I witnessed this man learn a computer language and gradually progress to becoming this good. Being house mates with him showed me a level of dedication I am yet to witness in another programmer. He has developed my application called "Legal Writing and Methods" which has over 1K downloads on Google PlayStore. Together with his colleagues at GoTech, this young programmer does not show any signs of slowing down. He intends to learn Artificial Intelligence so he could be the first one to create self-driving cars in Africa. He speaks of how his current role model George Hotz (iPhone and PS3 hacker) has developed self driving cars and he intends to learn from such a mind to bring the advanced technologies of the world to Africa and making it affordable for the average African. geraldphiri has become an inspirational mind to me. At a time when the youths of zambia can't explore their potential and actualize it, this young is achieving the opposite. Proving that knowledge is power, and that knowledge is available to us on the internet.
Nice poster, is not it?

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