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This too is in celebration of National Batman Day. What are your favorites? Which ones am I missing?
15.) Batman: The Man Who Laughs -
This is the 2nd modern remake of the very 1st Joker story from 1940, which mildly inspired Heath Ledger's Joker, and the best one. It's about Joker's first reign of terror in Gotham City, announcing on TV that he'll kill certain socialites at midnight, and his very first face-off against his archnemesis, the Batman. 
14.) Batman: Prey -
This too is set early on in Bruce Wayne's career as Batman & centers on Batman's 2nd clash with one of the best yet most underrated Batman rogues, psychiatrist & mad scientist, Hugo Strange. Here the psychotic mastermind discovers Batman's secret identity & attempts to tarnish his reputation.
13.) Batman: The City of Owls -
This is a direct sequel to The Court of Owls, which is #11 on this list, revolving around 
the Court of Owls, a secret society operating in Gotham for hundreds of years, ordering their assassins known as Talons to assassinate the city's key figures including Bruce Wayne, so Alfred contacts the rest of the Batman Family to stop the incoming massacre.
12.) Batman: The Cult - 
A delusional cult leader by the name of Deacon Blackfire & his crazy cult take over Gotham, kidnap Batman & torture him underground, and carry out assassinations including an attempt on Commissioner Gordon. This partially inspired The Dark Knight Rises. 
11.) Batman: The Court of Owls - 
Batman while investigating a few murders discovers that he didn't know as much about his city as he thought since he was oblivious to the Court of Owls ruling Gotham for most of its history & carrying out assassinations. Later on, he discovers that he's on their hit list too...
10.) Batman: A Death in the Family -
Gosh Jim Starlin is evil. First, he created Thanos to wipe out half the universe's population & later he wrote this infamous story arc in which Joker brutally murders Robin II & later becomes the ambassador of Iran. Robin's death is the 2nd biggest tragedy in Batman's life after the loss of his parents.
The Batman 2021

In another reality, Ben Affleck is still doing The Batman and Deathstroke is still the main villain. Here's to the best and my personal favorite comic accurate batman, Batfleck. 80 years! Happy anniversary to Batman and thanks to Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger to introduce us the Bat back in 1939 Detective Comics 27. 🦇 
So here's a slow painting/photoshop while I was watching The Dark Knight (best batman movie ever) again aha

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Nice poster, is not it?

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