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Beach House - Cave
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Agios Konstantinos, the little village we are staying in,  consists of a few coves, a handful of fisherman's houses and two little churches. A short walk up a dirt track leads to a sandy beach housed in a giant cave with calm waters, perfect for a morning swim 🤤
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happy day of birth to my tap dancing, pineapple gifting, underwater cave diving, hawaiian kidnap surviving, ryan air frequenting best friend and the QUEEN of chapel hats can’t wait to move in with you to our san diego beach house in 50 years xoxo
It was the 1960s and a community of backpacking hippies had settled in Matala, a remote corner of the Mediterranean island where most locals had never seen a tourist before their arrival.
The caves had originally housed lepers at the end of the Stone Age and then the Romans used them as burial crypts. When the hippies arrived searching for peace and enlightenment, the caves became the cheapest hotel in town. But of course, there was no hotel in town anyway.
Comfort in the caves was minimal. In the 50s, when the hippies first began settling the caves, they dug out more rooms but sleeping there was rough and the only thing they had to soften the surface were beach pebbles places on a stone slab, covered with beach grass.
Some of the hippies began making ‘Roman art’ and necklaces out of human teeth (don’t forget the caves had also been Roman crypts at a time).
Today, Matala is a small village still living mainly from tourism and while the caves where the hippies lived (now fenced-off) can be visited, they are protected by  the Archaeological Service, and certainly nobody is allowed to live or spend the night in them. The true nomadic hippie culture no longer exists in Matala, but there are hints to its bohemian past and a few people have tried to continue the lifestyle in Crete, on Disko beach in Lendas.
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