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Black Devil ·①
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Rating: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 871 views
MANGA: Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai
Status: ongoing
Chapters: 29 !!
Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Author: Makino (マキノ)

Associated Names:
Defying Kurosaki-kun
The Black Devil and The White Prince
Verliebt in Prinz und Teufel?
รักอันตรายนายปีศาจคุโรซากิ (Thai)

Yuu is a plain girl who had a determination to change when entering high school. Falling in love with the hot guy nicknamed as "White Prince", but somehow she's keeping an eye on the super sadist guy nicknamed as "Black Devil" too?!
Juuri päästy hotellihuoneeseen ja samantien miehelle puhelu Entisten nuorten sävellahjasta. Synttäreitä vietetään jenkkiautojen merkeissä. Nyt kerätään voimia illanviettoa varten. Black Devils kera Ile Kallio tiedossa#chevroletbelair#chevroletimpala#desoto
Демон внутри тебя никогда не даст тебе покоя. Он будет требовать крови, пока ты окончательно не сойдёшь с ума. А когда это произойдет, он заберёт себе твоё тело и обречёт твою душу на вечные страдания
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#anime #girl #loli #black #devil #blood #aesthetic #tyan #japanese #likeforlikes #аниме #тян #девушка #чёрное #эстетика #кровь #демон #лоли #взаимныелайки #япония
My Japanese sleeve is complete! No filters and I will post more pics and videos when it’s all healed up. A huge thanks to my good friend Dave at Black Devil Tattoo. No more tattoos until after the wedding 😂 now it’s Chrissie’s turn to get tattooed 😁#blackdeviltattoo #blkdvl #japanesesleeve #traditionaljapanese #tattoo #turtletattoo #peonytattoo #waves #clouds #wind #naturetattoos #irezumi #wabori #japaneseink #tattoocomposition
Det är en och annan som har frågat vad jag sjunger i "Devil's son" (som vi släppte video till igår). Vet inte om jag artikulerar SÅ dåligt, men här är texten för den som är intresserad. 😊
📸: apekfilms

The Devil is around here
he wears an old black suit
smoking cigarettes and waiting
silently, like a mute

Clear as the blue sky
the voice of Jesus 
but his words aren't meant for me
I guess he has his reasons

Oh, I fell in love
Lord, I fell in love
I fell in love
with the Devil's son
Now the darkness comes
Oh, darkness comes
cause I fell in love
with the Devil's son

The wind it is rising
a Hellhound's in pursuit
The smell of fire and brimstone
From his old black suit

Tryna bargain for my freedom
I'm offering silver and gold
But nothing satisfies him
but our souls

Oh, I fell in love
Lord, I fell in love
I fell in love
with the Devil's son
Now the darkness comes
Oh, darkness comes
cause I fell in love
with the Devil's son

Come here now little darling
Smell of sulphur in his breath 
The thunder in my mind's eye 
The silence of death

Cry out to you, my lord
Cry to you, my lord
I cry to you, lord
spread out my hands to you
I call to you, my lord
Call to you, my lord
I call to you, lord
Why do you hide your face from me?

#americana #americanamusic #womenofamericana #gothicamericana #countrynoir #country #countrymusic #countrysinger #altcountry #roots #rootsmusic
👁‍🗨Daily Reading for Thursday 10/17/19. This is a general reading that will only resonate with some of you. If you would like a Personal Reading, please message me✨
The Devil alludes to your negative behaviors and patterns that restrain you from moving forward in life. These are often illusions of imprisonment where you feel shackled to your problems, however, you have the choice to break free or walk away at any point in time. The Devil resides in the depths of doubt, where you give way to your addictions and fears, almost like staying in a bad relationship because it’s familiar. It’s time to reevaluate your relationship with the Devil – is this relationship serving your best interest? If not, break free from your shackles! Although not always easy, you have the keys to unlock yourself from your issues. Obsession with materialism and collecting conquests has your head spinning. Check back in with your higher self and align yourself back to your core values.
Speaking from an authentic voice/The truth
The Black Egg contains one of life’s essential treasures - the truth. Inside of it resides no confusion, excuses, small talk, noise, or lies (not even white ones). This living and breathing vessel harbors only that which rings true. When its essence is in balance we speak slowly and clearly. We are drawn to activities like writing, reading, teaching, singing, or perhaps public speaking. Sounds draw us in, books draw us in, the concept of truth itself draws us in. We start asking questions like “what do I know to be true about myself?” and “what is true about the world?” When the energy of the Black Egg is not yet accessed, we speak from an unsure place. We say things others want to hear, gossip, or repeat stories to justify our sub par behavior. We might even try to convince ourselves that we have no inner truth at all. The energy of the Black Egg hovers and waits for us to reconnect. It is available at every moment, in every situation. It’s the epicenter of truth, the birthplace of our voice.
Please leave a comment if this reading resonates with you!💫
#highvibration #alignment #5d #tarotlover
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