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Strongest Man In The World 2017
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America’s Strongest Man 2018 is in the books!!!
This year was a very special year as Sean Demarinis wins his 4th America’s Strongest Man title cementing himself as the greatest American 105kg Professional Strongman in the history of the sport. I’ve personally witnessed his journey from his very first day training on the Strongman equipment, to the accumulation of 2 pro cards, 4 California’s Strongest Man titles, 2 second place finishes at America’s Strongest Man, shortly followed by 3 America’s Strongest Man Champion titles, battling back from a massive quad rupture last year to claim his 4th American title. He is the definition of discipline and hard work. 
In 2017 Ashley Crawford won the Amateur National title, earned her pro card. She then went on to compete in The Strongest Woman in the World in 2018, only to finish 2nd to her team mate - Liefia Ingalls. She comes back a few months later to claim her 1st title as America’s Strongest Woman. It’s been a wild ride over the last 2 years for her and she will be heading off to start her training in Air Traffic Control next week and in February next year has earned her ticket to the main stage to compete in The Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH. The biggest stage in the world for strength athletes. 
We pride ourselves at ECWC as the best technical and best conditioned athletes in the country. All of that hard work has culminated into 8 Pro Strongman competitors, over 10 National and World titles, and 1 million state titles. 
If you are looking to seriously compete in the sport of Strongman, there are a lot of very passionate and intelligent Pro Strongman competitors out there to help you find your way. Find those people and you will also find lifelong friends, brothers and sisters that will know you better in some ways than your own family. 
Thanks to Strongman Corp and the ECWC crew for all of their hard work and support of their teammates and all of the athletes this weekend. It truly is a brother and sisterhood that cannot be matched. ==============================
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Today's #MotivationMonday is a bit more personal than usual.

It's about the strongest Man I ever knew, My Dad.

Many of you may know that I lost both of my parents last year but my Dad's death was a particularly rough one.

He was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung Cancer and Stage 4 Brain Cancer in 2017.

At this time I had only been on my journey into health for a short time and I had no advice on how he could make it through it. He battled tough and surprised everyone by conquering both!

Unfortunately, Cancer is a bitch and had decided it wasnt done with him. 6 months after remission he developed a massive tumor in the center of his Lungs. This time it went straight to Stage 4.

He only made it a few months before it took him from this world. He fought so hard but it wasnt enough.

I was devastated. I knew that keto could help but I just wasnt educated to the point to where I could try to save him. I took it personally. This man was the epitome of strength and courage through my life and I felt that I had let him down. I know that this isn't how I should feel about it but it's all I could think of. 
The "What If's" were building in my brain. "What If" I could have got him to eat better? "What if" I knew more about what I was talking about?

Once I got it together, I took the pain of seeing such a strong man wither away and became MOTIVATED! I bought every book in sight and listened to ever podcast I could find. I learned as much as I could!

My goal now became to help as many people in this world as I can to hopefully save other families from this tragedy and this is still my goal!

ketogeniccom does monthly awareness about all types of conditions and ailments and this month's is Cancer. I am so lucky to have this company as a friend! They were lovely enough to send me this shirt that represents this month's cause and it means the world to me!

Together I know we can CHANGE the world by saving and preventing this from happening to more people and families!

I hope that this MOTIVATES you to talk about the power of a Ketogenic Lifestyle!

You and I have to spread awareness of how Keto can stop Cancer! We can CHANGE the outcome!
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