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Chemical Elements - Lead
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STEAM ROOMS VS SAUNAS (and a story):⁣
Before we settle the debate on this one…did you know that traces of BPA, arsenic, and lead can be detected in sweat? ⁣
Sweating is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to detoxify. It bypasses clogged detox pathways (hint: if you’re not pooping everyday, your detox pathways aren’t open 💩 ) and can induce a remarkable excretion of heavy metals and other petrochemical toxins. 🤯⁣
Chemical elements and environmental pollutants that are linked to chronic diseases can accumulate in the human body and tissue - just check out my own test results on the last slides. I try to make an effort to minimize the effects through things like sweating, diet, and supplementation. It's funny how I now crave the heat, when just a few years ago, I couldn't spend more than 5 minutes in the sauna.⁣
So recently I started using the steam room regularly at the gym. It just so happens that I was getting this on and off sore throat. I wasn’t sure why, I wasn’t feeling particularly sick, so I brushed it off. ⁣
I think we’ve all heard about the issues with steam rooms. They’re breeding grounds for mold and bacteria, harsh chemicals are used to clean the surfaces, the chlorinated water gets absorbed through your open pores, blah blah blah. 🙄⁣
I figured the benefits would outweigh the negatives. 🤷‍♀️ ⁣
I didn’t make the connection. ⁣
Well, I took a lil break from the gym. Then last month, I went back and did my thang, hopped in the steam room and just like that, the sore throat came back. ⁣
This time, there was no question. I’ve stopped using the steam room since. ⁣
No more sore throat. ⁣
So long story short, a once in awhile steam won’t kill you, but if you’re trying to minimize your total toxic burden or are sensitive to mold, I’d stick to the sauna to get your schvitz on. 💦⁣
And if you want to know what they use to clean the steam rooms equinox, swipe right 😅
Welcome to this week's Working on FASQ - Series 3
The choice of material is determined by the budget, desired appearance, and functional requirements of your project. For a longer term protection/durability of the system or a brighter, more polished look, then stainless steel is proffered.
*STAINLESS STEEL: different grades are manufactured in a variety of finishes/textures to withstand different situation and as the name – Stain Less; it is ‘not completely free from stain or corrosive action’ as commonly thought. Some chemical elements like Chromium, Nickel and Molybdenum in its composition determines its resistivity.
Four major grades you need to know and their common use, though their variance is not physically visible but lies in their composition:
1. Grade 304 (for interior use, or mild exterior conditions i.e. temperate/inland areas).
2. Grade 316 (typically for exterior use, on areas with high humidity).
3. Grade 430 (for indoors where weather gets tracked in e.g. escalators in shopping malls or basement floor areas).
4. Grade 2205 (for heavily chlorinated/salt environments like the marine, shore/coastal or swimming pools). FACTS ABOUT MAINTENANCE:
*Never accept welding for your stainless steel railings (50% of stain/brownish surface and contamination that leads to corrosion begins from cuts and welding joints). Always go for Easy-fix Railings.
*Clean the system routinely with non-abrasive cloth, clean-warm water and dry thoroughly.
*Use stainless steel cleaner according to manufacturer’s instruction where discoloration, finger prints or smudges crop up on the system.
*Do not use detergent, bleach, cleaners containing chlorine, or abrasive cloths, steel wool pads on the system. Rub/wipe gently in the direction of the grain (not across it), with a scotch-brite pad or a white cotton-fabric.
Follow us Architectural Hardware & Steelworks Fabrication - working on Functionality, Aesthetic, Safety and Quality (FASQ). Ask your questions and make your contribution. #workingonFASQ, #architecturalHardwares, #architectSpecifications, #materialProperties, #askRailingCognoscenti, #stainlessSteelGrade, #safetyrails, #safetyinBuildings
Study Note: Cannabis & Phytoremediation
Cd - Cadmium
Cr - Chromium
Cu - Copper
Fe - Iron
Ni - Nickel
Pb - Lead
Zn - Zinc
"It’s the process that uses plants as agents of purification of aquatic or terrestrial environments, contaminated or polluted by the deposit of inorganic substances like chemical elements and ore waste, such as zinc, copper, magnesium and etc." #wikipedia
"Citterio et al. (2003) grew Cannabis sativa in Cd-, Ni-, and Cr- contaminated soil and after 2 months of seed, sowing found no substantial changes in plant growth (morphology). .
Metals caused enhanced production of phytochelatins which showed a strong defense mechanism against metal toxicity."
Source: Phytoremediation Potential of Bioenergy Plants – Editors: Kuldeep Bauddh – Bhaskar Singh – John Korstad.
#AgMinute #cannabis #hemp #cáñamo #phytoremediation #bioenergy #bioproducts #cannabisindustry #hempindustry #cannabiseducation #environmentalmarketing #marketingambiental #cannabisculture #cannabiscommunity #agribusiness #agronegocio #cannabissociety #cannabislaw #cannabisentrepreneurs #cannabisprofessionals #cannabisenthusiast #environmentaleducation #educacaoambiental
“No one can Self-realize without transmutation.” - Samael Aun Weor. 💫
The word transmutation originally applied to our entire being, to everything about us. Really, to transmute comes from that famous phrase from Alchemy, "to transmute lead into gold." It means to purge the lead, which is a dense, heavy, and impure metal, and reduce it into its quintessence—in other words, to reduce it to the most basic components that originally made it, and from that, to perfect. First is the Akash or ether, and that becomes particularized into #air, #fire, #water, and #earth. Those four basic elements, which are physical, energetic, and conscious, become everything that exists. Everything that we are is made of four elements arranged and particularized into particular sequences. Physically, we call this encoding DNA, which is not merely physical chemicals, but also encodes energetic and spiritual data, as combinations of elements. Those elements are physically sequenced in series creating everything that we are . Those sequences of four are reflections of the four elements. For us to become something new, we need to unzip the sequence that makes who we are, and reconnect it in a superior way. But how are you going to disarrange everything about yourself, and rearrange it? Especially when you are the one trying to do it. Not easy. But this is what to "transmute" really means. It means “to thoroughly change “. A genuine transmutation requires that the causes or the origins of problems and pain, suffering, are changed thoroughly, so that new effects can emerge. 
#alchemy02 #spiritualalchemy #spiritualgrowth
Essential metals are necessary for vital biochemical or enzymatic reactions.

They also interact with toxic metals. More precisely, they may offer protection against these toxic elements.

How is that possible?

Well, for starters some toxic and essential metals display similar chemical characteristics. 
Cadmium, in particular, is located just below zinc in the periodic table of the elements, so its outer atomic structure is very similar to that of zinc.

Also, it appears that toxic metals can replace essential metals and act as co-factors, of course the enzymatic machinery runs much less effectively in this scenario! And this would lead to poor health and worsen nutrient deficiencies. 
For instance, one study found: “a low-calcium diet containing varying levels of lead fed to rats resulted in considerably higher blood and tissue levels of lead than those that occurred in rats fed a normal calcium diet.” Another example is that Iron deficiency is a risk factor for increased blood cadmium. 
And, the interactions between arsenic and iron and their bioavailability might play important roles in the arsenic toxicity.

So, the best prevention is to make sure you consume adequate amounts of the essential metals. Doing so will reduce the risk of metal toxicity as well as prevent nutrient deficiencies.

Robert A. Goyer. Toxic and Essential Metal Interactions. 
Anna Barwinska-Sendra, Kevin J. Waldron. The Role of Intermetal Competition and Mis-Metalation in Metal Toxicity.

Omoruyi FO, Budiaman A, Eng Y, Olumese FE, Hoesel JL, Ejilemele A, et al. The Potential Benefits and Adverse Effects of Phytic Acid Supplement in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats. Adv Pharmacol Sci 2013;2013:1–7. doi:10.1155/2013/172494. 
Gallagher CM1, Chen JJ, Kovach JS. The relationship between body iron stores and blood and urine cadmium concentrations in US never-smoking, non-pregnant women aged 20-49 years.

Liu S1, Guo X, Zhang X, Cui Y, Zhang Y, Wu B. Impact of iron precipitant on toxicity of arsenic in water: a combined in vivo and in vitro study.

Samuel Jerry Cobbina and al. Interaction of four low dose toxic metals with essential metals in brain, liver and kidneys of m
If you have been following along my stories this week you will notice I have been talking about organic farming.

A great place to start to get yourself to a more organic lifestyle would be how you consume your coffee.

Coffee crops are produced at 12 million pounds annually, which means farmers will do anything they can to make their process of production more efficient. It is also a crop that is produced amongst the poorest of people in our world, so money is a limited quantity and chemicals make it cheaper and more efficient for it to grow.

It has been reported by the Longevity Warehouse that up to 250 lbs of chemicals are sprayed per acre of conventional coffee. Which means, if you are a coffee drinker, you are getting trace elements of these chemicals, which will lead to a whole host of parasitic diseases in the body.

Start by making your own coffee with certified organic beans, a hand grinder, and a french press roast. All in all it will cost you $50 to get started.

I could get more into the science of why this method but just know this... you WILL get way more bang for your buck in terms of dollars saved and energy gained in the long run.

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