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Science And The Common Understanding
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I never understood or acknowledged the importance of mental health until earlier this year. It was never part of my culture growing up and I didn't really think it was 'a thing'. I often dismissed or trivialised other people's struggles but I have come to realise how ignorant that is. ⁠

In a survey covering Britain, 1 in 6 adults have experienced some form of mental health problem with the most common being anxiety and depressive disorders. An estimated 13% of the adult population will develop a specific form of anxiety at some point in their life. Younger people are facing unprecedented pressures which are contributing to the rise of mental health problems including anxiety, depression, self-harm and eating disorders. 
Be mindful of the tone you set around the subject of mental health. It might not seem like it on the surface but everyone is dealing with their own internal struggles. We all have a responsibility to be considerate and kind to our fellow human and share strength when needed. 
If you don't know much about mental health I recommend watching the episode on anxiety from 'The Mind, Explained' on Netflix. It's only 20 minutes and gives a lot of insight into the science behind the subject and how broad the spectrum is. Educate yourself, understand the issue and raise awareness.

Other useful pages below for further information and support: 

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We owe it to ourselves & to the future leaders of tomorrow to do all that we can to minimize our carbon footprint and to understand the science behind the impacts of a changing climate.  The world’s oceans have been taking the heat from climate change…quite literally; absorbing as much as 90% of the excess heat energy caused by the increase of human -induced greenhouse gases. 
More marine protected areas are one important conservation answer to a more sustainable future.  Today less than 7% of our world’s oceans are fully protected.  We now know that valuable research has demonstrated that MPA’s are not only a refuge for marine life, helping restore abundance and diversity;  but these protected areas are also a carbon sink that helps mitigate the impacts of a changing climate. 
Finally national & international news stories are highlighting the science of a changing ocean. Unfortunately the long-term consequences for nature and humanity are sweeping and severe.  Today the ocean is warmer, more acidic & less productive than it was just 10yrs ago. It is why the oceans need to be a part of every climate discussion. “Monaco, September 25th- The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report highlights the urgency of prioritizing timely, ambitious & coordinated actions to address the unprecedented and enduring changes in the ocean.” I love listening to my fellow Island Packer crew members, captains & naturalists, give wonderful PA talks about the productivity of the Santa Barbara Channel, highlighting the important fact that ‘healthy oceans’ matter. It all starts with every single one of us on a daily basis, being mindful about our environmental footprint and our daily consumer choices. 
This picture was taken on an islandpackers boat, making our way to Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park…cruising up the south side of SCI enjoying a large pod of common dolphins. I have to say, almost every single day I am on the boats we are seeing pods of common dolphins sometimes numbering over a thousand individuals. WOW,this is what experiencing the productivity of the ocean is all about, especially  sharing the magical moment w/kids.
Learn some actionable strategies to improve #EDI in #STEM from this article I wrote for the theaddictivebrain!

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Improving #Diversity in #Science: Fostering a Culture of #Inclusion - Ana Sofia Barrows⁣

Science lacks diversity. Over the last few years strong efforts have been made in order to advance #women’s representation in scientific fields, but these efforts have not been enough to tackle the significant lack of diversity that currently exists in the scientific #workforce. Some examples of the areas where lack of participation of different designated groups can be observed are the portrayal of #scientists in media, in the significant #gender disparity in awarded #Nobel prizes in the sciences, and in the lack of representation of diverse groups in tenured track positions in academia. ⁣
⁣When addressing this diversity problem, it is important to first understand what diversity means. There is a common misconception that diversity means gender diversity, and that gender diversity represents only binary gender identities. When we talk about diversity, we talk about members of different groups such as but not limited to persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples, racialized people, members of #LGBT communities, and people who identify as women. It is also important to understand that diversity is fluid, meaning that diversity changes, and this relates to individuals, groups and society. ⁣
⁣But why is it important to make science diverse?⁣
⁣Well, now a days, many scientific organizations believe in the culture of meritocracy as their main recruitment strategy. But unfortunately, in the vast majority of situations there are systemic biases and barriers that affect this pursuit for meritocracy, which result in lack of representation of designated groups. In order to foster true meritocracy we need to understand the value that diversity brings to science. As scientists stride for #innovation it is important to take into account that diversity brings an assortment of ideas, viewpoints and experiences, which are imperative in the development of science.

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Trametes versicolor or also more commonly know as turkey tail has been chasing me around the woods for the past few months. This mushroom is more of a medicinal fungi. The benefits to turkey tail are endless. From cancer killing properties to powerful antioxidants to improving your gut bacteria. The best thing about this medicine is its grows all around the territory of which I live. It’s a blessing I have to keep reminding myself of. We have an abundance of beautiful food and medicine all around. All you have to do is observe, learn and apply your understanding. This is one piece of nature that I really lack understanding yet it completely fascinates me. It’s also an area where I have been devoting more energy into. We have so many categories in nature we now categorize under mycology within science. #turkeytail#mushrooms#mycology#oregon#fungi
Why make only one? •
Hot Hot Hot Day, so I made chicken early. Plus I have night school. I’m taking History of Modern Art. Midterm next week and somehow I keep forgetting “Gustav Klimt”, The Kiss. Gustav without an “e”. I haven’t even begun memorizing dates, the titles have been slipping through the cracks of my very full brain. You will find me on Quizlet for the next 7 days. I refuse to be beat by a bunch of “E”xpressionists.  Emil Nolde? Ernst Ludwig Kirchner? Erich Heckel? Egon Schiele? Your first names all start with E - I got this!
I’m reading Wassily Kandinsky’s “Concerning the Spiritual in Art” and I can NOT understand what the hell he is talking about.  There’s a hierarchy, you common folk are at the bottom (sorry commoners!) and the artist who can see - what? What does he see? He sees “Today” clearly I think...Today is the pinnacle...and only people from the same slice of the triangle or the same segment of the hierarchy can understand the art that is produced today. Or something. And something to do with also supplanting the wisdom of today by that of tomorrow... and something to do with looking inward when religion, science and morality are shaken. Hmmm. Religion and Science? Shaken at the same time by same forces? This I want to see... all of this in support of non-naturalistic or abstract production in art.
At this exact moment, panic is washing over me in waves! 🌊. At least we have chicken. TWO CHICKENS!!
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