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Sonmi 451
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An Orison of Sonmi-451 -Chapter 5

Told as an interview, this story is set in the future, in a world where corporations rule at the expense of individuals. Clones (fabricants) are created to perform service functions. One such fabricant is Sonmi-451, a former dinery server. She begins her interview by telling of her life as a fabricant. She worked in a Papa Song's, futuristic fast food joint in Neo Seoul, where the clones take orders, clean up the dining room, and serve the food. They are housed at the restaurant; work nineteen hour days, and never see natural sunlight.

The population of this corporate society is divided into "pure-bloods" (naturally born individuals) and "fabricants" (clones). Pure-bloods are better and more intelligent than fabricants, who were engineered and bred inside tanks, as opposed to pure-bloods being born from a womb. Sonmi explains that fabricants are widely believed not to have a personality, but that is a myth perpetuated by the pure-bloods to feel better about mistreating fabricants as the lack of personality makes them lack sentience as well.

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Sonmi 451 by MongJa9 on DeviantArt
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