Poster Cute Drawings Of Eyes - 2018

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Cute Drawings Of Eyes - 2018
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Hiii everybody, I'm not dead, I'm aliveeee 👾
God I'm sooo sorry for being *that* inactive, I had hard times with drawing 😰😅😫
And in general I have a lot of work for school 📚
So I drew myself in the portrait above, I just really liked the photo so I had to draw it 😗😂
Hope you like it~
Alisa Tuna Chan 🐟
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So, it's already been a year huh. It's been exactly one year for me now since i ulted Jeno and boy do i have a lot to say. Where do i even begin?
To be honest, i knew of Jeno before i even knew Jeno himself, i know it sounds weird lemme explain this one: i was drawing, as i usually do from time to time, but i really wanted to draw some hair. And so i did, plain black hair on what appeared to be a male head. But it seemed rather dull to me, so i decided to add some bluish/greenish highlights (see where this is going). Two months later i got into nct, i was taeyong biased at first but i was just watching some random mvs and mfal came on, I couldnt help but notice the resemblance of one of the boys, which hadn't caught my attention at first in the chewing gum mv (curse you Jaemin you caught my eye first), with my drawing. It was practically identical and i was pretty shocked. The boy was really cute as well, but i wouldnt think of him as much till August 31st, 2018.
It sounds like some dramatic ass thing happened but nah, not really. Well, it was kind of dramatic for me.. It was just a random day, going to the beach with my family, but the road was really long and i was wifiless. Out of boredom i decided to just scroll past my gallery, it was full of pics so might as well. As i was scrolling down, cruising through endless photos in my gallery, i found myself stopping at one pic in particular. There was something about this boy, was it the white hair? was it that sweet sweet eyesmile that swept me off my feet completely? was it the way he looked so familiar to me, and so warm?? probably all but i found myself just staring at the pic, heart beating at a rate ive never heard it beating before. He made me feel a certain way, a way no one has made me feel before, i can almost say he completed something within me. From that day i knew, i knew he was the one. And his name, Jeno, smth really stood out to me about his name. It just clicked yknow.
Nice poster, is not it?

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