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Dark Knight - Cave
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Hot off the trail of a historic Golden Lion win at Venice, Joker (2019) is finally here. Is it any good? Yes. It is good, it is REALLY good.

Set in a grimey, crime infested Gotham in 1981, Arthur (Phoenix) is a clown for hire struggling to look after his aging mother, as well as trying to make it as a comedian. Eventually, as you can somewhat guess, all this begins to cave in on Arthur, as he slowly starts to lose his mind and eventually become the Clown Prince of Crime.

There have been great interpretations of the Joker: Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill in the animated series, Ledger in The Dark Knight, and then there is Joaquin Phoenix in Joker. This is Phoenix’s show and he is absolutely jaw dropping in a role that was always going to be difficult to follow after Ledger’s legendary take on the villain, but what Phoenix brings here is a character slowly hurdling towards chaos as opposed to someone who is already swimming in it. He brings a human face to a character that is the emodiment of chaos, and thanks to sharp writing and direction, Phoenix is given freedom to truly explore this character that owes so much to Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver and Rupert Pupkin in King Of Comedy, which are obvious influences on Joker. The results are worth it and in my opinion, we get the greatest and most layered interpretation of the character seen on screen, as well as being one of the great performances of the 21st century by one of the finest actors of our time.

Gushing over Phoenix’s truly flawless performance aside, Joker is a masterpiece of a character study that is a much needed step away from the explosions and big budget super hero films that have saturated the market. So if you’re expecting a high-octane action movie of that calibre, then you will be disappointed. It slowly creeps to an exhilarating finale that is worth every bit of hype that the film is earning. Phillips and co really deserve praise for the bold new direction they have taken within the comic book movie genre with Joker. It’s brave, violent, beautiful, brutal, disturbing, dark, tragic, and absolutely spectacular in every sense of the word.

A little throwback for #MusicMonday. If you haven’t already seen this, step behind the scenes on the day we filmed my first music video “Alchemy”. Every part of this was a Cinderella experience for me. Firstly, I got to make a video with an epic crew and some of my dearest friends - both at my side and at the helm - which is more than I could have asked for. 
Then, my 12 year old self had to thoroughly pinch herself because I was standing there, rocking with some of the best in the world: George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, KXM), Terry Stirling Jr. (Lit, Rufio), Vampiro Jaguar (Jaguares and Mana), and Mark S. Pacificar (Vertical Horizon). And there we were, smack in the middle of the actual Bat Cave from The Dark Knight (and the spot where Lady Gaga filmed Bad Romance. Crazy.) Director karlpfeiffer and I had been talking for YEARS about making a video together, and not only did we finally get to do it - we got to do it on a dreamlike level. 
Fast forward to today: we’ve just released our new video for my first cover song “Rhiannon” (link below)...and I COULD NOT love that video more. And there’ll be more video goodness on the horizon. But here’s a look at where it all started, and at the incredible people who made a dream come true. 👊🏻✨ Watch the videos for both “Rhiannon” and “Alchemy” and subscribe to my channel on Vevo at the link in my bio.
I cannot believe today is the first day the Dark Knight has been brought out of the bat cave in 2019.  Shame on me... I was determined to get her out (with top down) to enjoy a beautiful morning before I turn my attention back to business.  My allergies are suffering but it was well worth it! 🤧 🏎 😎
#MorningDrive #Calming #NoBackToWork
Batman must be 80 today, but here’s the dark knight when he was 8 😂😂😂! One of my favourite pieces of fan art I’ve made, featuring probably the grimmest a kiddy avatar! Happy 80th bats! We’ll wait for the party in the bat cave! #batman #batman80 #batmanday #batman
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