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Dinobots Grimlock
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I finally have all 5 main Fall of Cybertron Dinobots from the 3rd party company Planet X. Took me 4 years but I finally got Grimlock! There is one more to get but it’s not part of the main 5 Dinobots. Pleased to have finally complete this set. #Transformers #FallOfCybertron #Dinobots #Dinobots #Grimlock #Sludge #Snarl #Slag #Snarl #PlanetX #3rdPartyTransformers #DinoTeam #Robots #Dinosaurs #Cybertron #VideoGames #ActionFigures
Salam semua..maka nama Robot Baru dah dapat.
nama dia "SIR-NOQ-PROT"... lani design pulak..
ni untuk projek animasi MAT NOQ.. Saya dah ada robot2 lain.tapi nak bagi peluang hangpa reka cipta satu Robot Musuh Mat Noq..
1. 2d sketch boleh, 3D boleh, hitam putih ok..kaler ok..apa pun boleh

2. SIR-NOQ-PROT ni kuat..tapi tak cerdik.. macam dinobot Grimlock

3. design kena old school (robot 60,70s,80s) macam MATNOQ jugak

4. jika dipilih Hadiah RM100 voucher shopping di website
dan nama dikreditkan dalam video nanti.. 5. size kena A4 size. boleh pos image ke group CTFKL dulu dan email saya

6. tutup 2 minggu lagi pada 5/10/2019
pakai hashtag #animasi_matnoq


good luck semua
hadiah tak la cepu emas.tapi jadi lah.. #ctfkl
I've had a Dinobot conundrum for a few years now that I think I just solved. MP 08 Grimlock was always too small to scale properly with the Fanstoys Dinos that were made to go with him. I got Fanstoys Scoria and used the platform upgrades and it still wasn't enough for him to scale right so, I raised his torso and tied his chest to his backpack so it wouldn't drop. That still wasn't enough because his head still looked too tonight, I popped the head off of my KO OS MP 08 Grimlock (Reximus Prime) and set his head in place of the tiny little MP 08 head and VOILA, I think I've FINALLY got it! I know many will say, "why didn't you just buy the Fanstoys Grinder instead or use Reximus Prime?" Well, Rex is too big to scale right and I HATE the look of Fanstoys Grinder! Neither looked right with the others or the scale I'm going for, we are! That Optimus is an Underscaled MP 10 KO I discovered a few years ago. I don't collect Masterpiece anymore. I like CHUGish scale because it goes better with my Titans, and the new Siege line is rapidly replacing a LOT of place fillers I've had for YEARS! What do you think of this scale and aesthetic? 😁🤔🤖 #dinobot#dinobots#masterpiecetransformers#fanstoys#fanstoysdinobots#transformers#hasbro#takara#takaratomy#transformersg1#kotransformers#thirdpartytransformers#grimlock#megrimlockking#megrimlocknolikeyou
Finally my finished redrawing of Grimlock and Slug in a Insecticon hive. For those who aren’t familiar with transformers or Fall of Cybertron just think robotic dinosaurs in mechanical cave filled with robot bug eggs. This thing took forever so let me know what u guys think and like and share this. For some explanation basically drew Grimlock and Slug from Fall of Cybertron inside a Insecticon hive with a bunch of eggs around them hatching. Tried to give the area that robotic look while also making it look organic like it’s been infested and the area is rotting away. Oh yeah and basically did this to remake my old 11 year old drawings of Grimlock and Slug so hopefully there’s been improvements. Up next is some more transformers art and redraws. 
#transformers #transformersuniverse #transformersedit #optimusprime #optimus #autobots #autobot #autobotsrollout #decepticon #decepticons #transformersfans #nerds #geeks #arts #art #arts #arte #marker #markerart #grimlock #dinobots #hasbro #fanart #transformers_4life #transformerscommunity #transformersart #transformerscollector #ink #inkart #markerartist
Nice poster, is not it?

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