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Lion King Pride Rock
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Hell’s Gate National Park, beautiful landscape full of wildlife and home to Pride Rock. Contrary to popular belief this was not what inspired The Lion King’s rock by the same name, however, Kenya as a whole was the muse for the movie’s artist! 
Here was the first male to approach me (yes monkey 🙄) the entire trip. Surprise,surprise...he was trying to come home with me... I’m not that easy buddy. At least buy me a drink first!
A wild Moana appeared~⁣⁣
DAY 6 - VVR to MTR (22) - Today we're zooomin. Our packs are light and our resupply awaits us! We spend the entire time talking about boyz (let's be honest it was mostly me annoying everyone in earshot). We take a long dip at Marie lakes and proceed to burn, impressive for brown gals. After the pass, we run into a man who seems like a murderer so we run away. We ~mildly panic~ as it gets darker and can't find a place to camp⁣⁣
DAY 7 - MTR to Evolution Lake (13.5) - resupply day! We get our bucket and go through the hiker buckets. I inhale some brown sugar poptarts. Now are bags are 20x heavier and it's 100F, and to our luck it starts to rain, hail, then thunderstorm... Adena says it's ~character building~ we wonder if we should stop and I remind her we either do theoles now or later, there's no winning. I put on the lion king soundtrack and pretend I'm Simba going up pride rock. Ofc we cry at the top ⁣⁣
DAY 8 - over Muir Pass (17.5) - We pass by lush lakes and rivers until we get to the pass and snack at Muir Hut. We meet people doing the JMT in 8 days, we thought we were crazy but we're not THAT crazy. We learn about a death on the trail and feel sad and terrified for ourselves. On our descent we take a long lunch&poop break at a waterfall. Here we meet a lady named "sister smurf" (ya she's blue). She sings for us, makes us feel warm and fuzzy, then asks me if I know Jesus. Nah, never heard of him 🤷🏽‍♀️⁣⁣
DAY 9 - over Mather Pass (16.5) - 4000ft ascent and 11 miles up we go. We climb up the brutally never-ending "golden staircase." luckily because we're THOSE girls we stop to take pose-y photos of each other. At the top we're delirious bc we forgot to eat lunch, woops. Another tortilla salami hummus hot Cheeto wrap for me. When we set up camp we inspect our atrocious feet, I've never seen them so disgusting 🤮⁣⁣
DAY 10 - over Pinchot Pass (12) - we're shook we're still alive. We chill today and be "lazy," going slow. We grab some sage to burn to make ourselves smell less homeless. At camp some chicken and rice drops on my leg and I still scoop it up and eat it bc this is the level of disgusting I'm at
I was probably 3 or 4. Sitting on the roof of my red and yellow Fischer Price car, otherwise known to me as Pride Rock, I watched Rafiki. As he walked up the modestly slopped rock formation carrying the heir to the throne, Hanz Zimmer’s tranquil arrangements from the unmistakable Circle of Life began to augment. I waited intently. The iconic baboon stopped when he reached the rock’s outermost point as I had observed him do so many times before. I readied myself. As Rafiki raised Simba to the sky, I, in unison with him, lifted my teddy bear, E.D., to the ceiling. The zebras, giraffes, hippopotami, and elephants bowed and cheered. I probably performed this loyally the first hundred times I saw THE LION KING every day after school. The border between the universe inside the television and my childhood basement didn’t exist. There, or running outside barefoot, the world was my Serengeti.
A excerpt from something I wrote coming out later today! 🦁 L I O N  K I N G  PREMIER TONIGHT! (With the parents ;)
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