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All Disney Princesses Baby
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This popped up on my feed and I absolutely fell in LOVE!! 🥰 This baby is channeling her inner Disney Princess Tiana with all the New Orleans style from Princess & the Frog. 🐸 👸🏽 I can’t wait to show this to my girls as they adore Princess Tiana and love the song the band is playing which is called “When We’re Human”. 🥰 (I know all the words to the song as well!☺️)
If you don’t understand why diversity & inclusivity is so important, this video will help you understand!!! The joy that invokes in her is overwhelmingly beautiful! 
Video: blackexcellencetube .
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Clara Ivy. You are three years old today. Here are some things about you right now that I want to remember forever. 
You speak in full sentences with the occasional slight mispronunciation. Some of our favorite things you say are: “What. What you said??” and “Let’s do flammy (aka family) hugs” at bedtime. When you pray, you say “thank you...” for everything, including requests. For example, instead of saying “I pray for...” you say, “thank you that we would have a good day,” or “thank you that we would not get sick.” It’s too cute. We’ll fix it later ☺️ Favorite (non-princess) songs: “high above it all” and “sweet but psycho” 🤦🏻‍♀️😅 Your favorite chore is putting soap in the dishwasher and pushing the start button. It’s actually really helpful 🙌🏼 You are obsessed with anything pink. You live for ballet class every week. You enjoy helping mama in the kitchen. Disney princesses are everythinggg to you but your two favorites are belle and repunzel. We listen to their songs on a daily basis. You love all things breakfast: pancakes, cereal, “eat-meal,” bagels, etc. You help out with baby sister a lot by grabbing pacifiers, rattles or burp cloths for her. Naps are becoming less frequent.. You are always busy and on the move. You are a fast learner. You are observant, constantly curious and always asking questions. You are quick to forgive 9 times outta 10. You are very caring and compassionate. 
I could go on forever but we’ll stop there for now. Three years of knowing and loving you and it’s just been the absolute best thing. ✨
Nice poster, is not it?

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