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dont ask yourself what the world needs. ask yourself what ...
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Okay so I've decided Instagram really isnt for me. I really wanted to start a "truther" page, and try to post things I think the world needs to know and just little info bits that have been created into memes and small info packets with no real "truth" with further explanation, true research, and Tons of backing. I've come to the conclusion that as long as I keep feeding my mind with these "snippets" of crazy info, that may be half true or false then I'm really never gonna get anywhere with furthering my "true and deeper" meaning of all of this. I think it should be traced back to its beginnings and research should start with actual research and repetitive thinking, and debating, actual history, etc. Because who really truly knows what we are all believing nowadays? Honestly. Long story short I'm taking a inevitable break from social media, TV, video games, and anything that has safely been displayed in front of me creating an illusion of a better life that I'm always asking and grasping for. I've realized that noone can achieve their true self goals, while also looking into the glass of a better reality that has long been created and set out in front of us. Why find yourself and true meaning in your life when you can fill the void with "fun"and things that pass the time by. If you think about it, were we really born into this life here to just be a consumer? Watch TV? Listen to music? Play video games? Have all of our food( which we, ourselves dont even know what's innit,truly and honestly what we are putting into our bodies(same goes for what's on TV and in our music)). Were we just supposed to not question any of it? Not ever wonder if there is a better life than this? For us all? Who made things this way and why is it really the best option? I will 100% admit that this "life" that's been crveated for us is sooooo comfortable. I dont wanna leave it I don't wanna read books and truly further my knowledge of what "could be". What real truth is. I mean if you think about it anyone can look up a meaning or anything to further their knowledge on the internet and it's all controlled and put out their by us.
Its true WE HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE! I actually left the church because I felt it became a show. A place for people to look like they are good people, but noticed when those same people left the church who they were outside was not a reflection of who they preached for everyone else to be on Sunday morning. ...
Sadly, church is the culrpit of people losing faith and hope in a place that is suppose to offer faith and hope. I dont need a church or a building to tell me who "I am". ...
I know who I am, because of the peace I have deep down to the very core of my being. 
I know who I am because my children tell me and show me who I am everyday.
I know who I am by the people I am around daily and how they live life. 
I know who I am because of the clients and work environment I produce. 
I know who I am because I dont place expectations on other people,  I only expect change in myself.
I know who I am by the thoughts, that go through my mind daily. I know who I am by the emotions I carry with me each day. 
And I know Who I am by the actions I take and make in every moment of everyday. ...
Im gratefully appreciative of every opportunity, even if the experience doesnt match my expectations, because I know I have to keep growing and changing to get better. TO BE A BETTER VERSION OF ME AND THE WORLD I WANT TO SEE.
... Stop having so many expectations because your only hurting yourself by expecting the world to "think, feel and act" exactly as you do. There is only one you, and if you think it, you should be the one to do it! ...
So today, forget all the belief systems that are out there and stop asking why the world is so evil, and go do all the changes you want to see in a GOOD world. ...
Much love ❤💕
World Mental Health Day 💙 .
I think it is such a great thing that we are now in a place where we are encouraged to talk more about mental health. Seen as mental health affects the majority of people in someway at some point in their lives it makes sense to do all we can to help prevent it and aid those in need. .
Sometimes you may feel completely alone. You may feel like there is no one to turn to or no point in trying. You may feel lost. Abandoned. Scared. Empty. Overwhelmed. Or just not happy. 
And sometimes we are surprised at the people that experience mental health problems. People who come across as full of life, making everyone laugh, who are there for others can also suffer. Mental health is not a one size fits all nor does it discriminate on the person it chooses to affect. .
So be kind. To everyone. Dont take anyone for granted and dont assume they are fine. Ask. And ask again. Be the person someone can chat with and in turn learn to open up and talk. As scary as it can be, talking about what's going on in your head can make a difference. .
Remember you are not alone. Remember you are loved. Remember you are amazing in so many ways. And remember it's ok not to be ok. But dont keep it to yourself. Talk about it 💜 .
#bettyoucan 💙
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I'm not in a good place right now. I feel really low and it's easy for my thoughts to be overpowering and become invasive. But I am surviving and I'm so proud of myself for waking up and getting on with shit like everyone else. 
Today I went for a job interview in full makeup and skirt and shit. For anyone who has been with me on this journey so far, that shit is absolutely crazy for me. Last year this side of me was a dirty secret that I was ashamed of, I let people in but had so much guilt for not being "normal", I felt so much shame for being different and I've spent so much time hiding it. I dont know how much longer I could've kept up the illusion but this year has been astronomical for change and evolution, theres not a day that goes by now where I dont feel vulnerable, I'm sick of people staring at me, kids asking if I'm a boy or girl, people making faces when they see me in a skirt but you know what fuck itttt I just dont care anymore. In a year I'm gonna be looking back with a huge grin for surviving and bouncing back when others would fold to the status quo. I really hope I get this job, but if i dont, today was a win. 
I know I have people on my timeline living with a secret that they are scared to share with the world, and I'm here to tell you that if you believe in yourself and put your own good first, you will come out on top. Keep yourself future focused, remember your purpose and be proud of every step you make to becoming yourself. Somedays I wake up and I love myself, someday I wake up and I hate myself, but not one day goes past that I'm not proud of being who I am right now. 
Give a shit what you think of this long post? Nope. Someone needs to hear it, and I'll be damned if i cant be proud of myself. Ja bless

Also huge thanks to anyone who's been there for me in support, I really am so grateful for it

#selflove #pride #lgbt #transpride #love
Nice poster, is not it?

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