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Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what... | Picture Quotes
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“Feeling like you don’t deserve the things that make you the happiest and best version of yourself, because it’s greedy or is asking too much, ultimately rips off the rest of the world because you aren’t being fully supported, and as a result, aren’t sharing your highest frequency with the world.” - Jen Sincero

I’m using this platform as a place to showcase the honesty of motherhood - the good, the challenging, the beautiful, as well as to be a bit vulnerable during what I believe to be a time of major transformation.

I read this quote yesterday and it totally struck a chord with me. Why have I spent so many years explaining myself - telling my parents, or friends, or coworkers that it was okay that I bought a pair of jeans (which I actually needed) because I had received some birthday money, it was fine I went for a massage because I received a discount, it wasn’t a big deal that I booked a trip to see family because we hadn’t seen them in over a year.. plus we had miles we needed to use up.

Looking back, there are so many times I’ve felt guilty for spending money on things that make me feel happy, healthy, or even just more confident. I’m realizing that this goes back.. way back, to my childhood, when we needed outside help - for food, clothes, and toys. There might even be a part of me that feels guilty about wanting to provide for myself and my family in a way that my parents weren’t able to when I was young. But I’m CHOOSING to change these thinking patterns, DECIDING that I deserve what makes me the happiest and best version of myself, to NOT be afraid to be vulnerable, to SUPPORT myself and those around me, to RAISE the frequency of myself and the world!

Oh - and here is a picture of my reason for it all, taken by a friend who always inspires me 💕
💯 If I were to tell you, "you need to love yourself," would you cringe? 100% YES. I get it because it is the exact same reaction as mine - we all want to quote the quote but how often are we really applying ourselves to our, #motivationmondays?


This journey of acceptance of the women God created me as is always going to be an ongoing mission to grow from in this world BUT I want to share just a few KEYS to embracing the START towards loving YOU ⬅️ Y - (Y)ield Yourself - Towards those relationships, decisions, dreams, etc because one of the best pieces of advice my mom gave me was this, "if you don't know what to do about it, don't do anything at all." No, that doesn't mean sit around but instead focus on the already called-to-be areas in your life today! •Is that what God is calling you to do right now? Love IS patient!

O - (O)wn It Yourself - I have the biggest struggle excelling in the circumstances and situations I hoping for like, working a job I hate, bank account running low, or feeling like my life is nothing even close to "living the dream." BUT, without striving in where God has put me & has allowed me to understand, why would I do that any differently with more? I wouldn't because there is always a pro & con to come around, I decide to be thankful & trust Him with the rest.

U - (U)nderstand Yourself - What is your favorite thing to do, what is your favorite color, what are your biggest dreams, what fears do you have, what is something you are thankful for...learn to get to know yourself, understand WHO YOU ARE. As you are loved, known, seen, & cared for as daughters of Jesus, you ALSO have those quirks that make you just as amazing.

The analogy I use with my girls is this,
"Picture yourself on a date with the cutest guy ever. You might be out to eat at the moment & all the sudden he starts to want to get to know you so he starts asking all these questions about, "whats your favorite..." or "whats your funniest..." Whatever it might be, it is really hard to get someone without that person knowing themselves." Get to know YOU so you can continue to get to know others & embrace the life YOU were given!

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