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Dope 6 (80+ images)
cute koala
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I don’t want to be the plug, call me the opposite because what use is the plug without the socket ? 
ftf_clothing gucci #trendz #fashion #milliondollervisuals #cannon #dope #jamaican #blog #image #winnercircle #dreamtrips #rocketvision #influencer #outlaw #continuance #tunnelvision #motivation #therapture
“If not now, then win?” . #clevelandbrowns .
I captured a dope series of #images and #videos when I had the privilege of flying out to 👀 🎞 first hand the #talentedAF #athletes in the #dawgpound . .
Shoutout to the homie.
#86 death_raoh 
Out here doin it live. 
#tightend #offense #football #nfl #sportsphotography #browns #filmmaker “Summer’s over, time 4 work”.
First things first. This is NOT my image. However, it IS my edit. This is my first submission to the first annual fall FFA #2019theaffair photography contest. The original image was shot by boogie_shotz -- I've been following him for a while and have pulled so much inspiration from this guy that my photography probably wouldn't be the same without his art. Thanks for all the dope work you put out here on the gram man! 💯 It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to play around with one of your RAW files.
If you're interested in getting in on this contest or just wanna check out some super dope frames and artists, I suggest you head on over and follow the homies over at prime_optiqx shotz__fired reflection.junkiez photogrfr and well_lacedltd •
#bokehkillerz #dof_addicts #way2ill_ #dof_brilliance #streetoftones #eclectic_shotz #infinity_urban #depthgrammers #depthobsessed #shotz_fired #creativemobz #dopeclickz #streethappens #bokeh_city #bokeh_shotz #streetmobs #streetgrammers #meistershotz #bokeh_obsessed #untoldstreets #clickcity #lensball #lensballphotography #lensballin #lensballphoto #nightcreators #lensball_gram
I can't believe today marks one month since I met beckylynchwwe! They say never meet your hero's, whoever said that is a dope. This is one moment in my life I will never ever forget. Thank you Becky for being so amazing and for making a dream come true ❤

I never share the full story of the M&G, well here it is:

I lined up around nine am even though her signing didn't start until ten am, crying four times along the way. As I got to the front I was shaking so bad and the tears came flowing again. I walked up to her crying my eyes out. Right away she came around the table and gave me a huge hug (image 2); my friend said Becky gives the best hugs and she is right. She gave me at least four more hugs after that first hug. 
I told her I've loved her since her days as Rebecca Knox. She then saw the Knox/ Lynch fanart I made her (image 4). She asked if I made it, which I responded yes to, then she proceeded to show it off for the WWE cameraman (image 6). I gave her the same edit with a different saying as one of my gifts to her (image 8 & 10), which she was so thankful for. "Presents!" She said 😂

I then to gave her the custom made bracelet I made her (image 9). She goes, "I'm going to put this on right now actually, can you put it on me." It took a good few minutes to get it on because I was shaking so bad. "Thank you my love," she responded.

We went to get the photo taken and she asked me if I wanted to hold her title. I said of course because that's a once in a lifetime chance right!? Biggest smile of my life btw (image 1). When we broke apart I broke down crying again and told her she was my hero. That's when she scooped me into her arms and just held me tight, comforted me. That moment lasted a good two to five minutes. Afterwords we joked around how she was going to beat Nattie and how she is Canada's New Hero. I told her thank you for everything and then I left. The BEST day of my life for sure ❤

#beckylynch #TheMan #meetandgreet #Summerslam #Summerslamweekend #axxess #metroconventioncentre #dreamscometrue #photoop #becky #lynch #LassKicker #wrestling #wwe #toronto #RawWomensChampion
Nice poster, is not it?

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