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Dragon Ball Z All
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Today I finally got the chance to continue story mode from the 1st anniversary of Dragon Ball legends. From the sneak peek from Las Vegas showdown you’d know this was coming. After from the anger of Shallot and Cabba they finally snapped from Cell. I won’t spoil the rest. So here it is and see for yourself what happens :) Gameplay from Dragon Ball legends: all credit goes to their respective Criware games and Bandai Namco
To all my favourite people,
Dragon Ball 🍵:
Y'all are such amazing people and I wished I've been close to y'all earlier. Thanks for making a place for me to belong and I enjoyed each and every moment I had with y'all!! You guys are people whom I trust with my whole heart :)
Love ya 💓💕
E2 girls gang:
Y'all are seriously people who I adore and love. I can't imagine if y'all aren't there to support me, giving me advices. Every single moment I spent with y'all are precious moment that I will never forget in my life 💗 MUACK MUACK 💋
Xin Yue:
因为你说照片不好看所以把你遮了🤣我们十年的友情希望能够继续! 我很珍惜跟你在一起的每一分每一秒。谢谢你对我的付出💓 爱你哦~
Thanks for maintaining the friendship while I was in the US. I appreciate the fact that you would listened to my problems and give me encouragement to cheer me up! I don't regret meeting you at all! 😊💗💕
(The rest are stated in the letter!)
Also to everyone else in ZSS:
Despite not being close, I appreciate the people who approached me and talked to me. I enjoyed every little conversations I have with yall especially deep conversation. Thank you all 💗💕
Bye bye Zhenghua~
Class of 2019
Learned a lot from TV shows when we were kids. Dragon ball Z taught us a lot of things; friendship, sacrifice, humility and perseverance. 
Unfortunately our brother missed the episode where it taught us reliability. So now we’re on a quest to gather all the dragon balls to ask Shenron to let dietho_liegise stop jeopardising our plans last minute.
#dragonballz #thunderbuddies
#BoogaNoseFlows - Week10Day1️⃣
“I’m so inquisitive/
Quizzing on all the things ya did...
And the n*ggas you had/
Lips you kissed.
And the last time that you took some 🍆 and it wasnt mine/
Dragging my dragon balls all over town... 🐉 “
#SofaBoyVRSE 🛋
When I tell you im countin down the days I mean it. Ive been imagining and waiting for a game like this for so long. What do you all think? Flying, free roaming, running fast, they really trying to make a rpg Dragon Ball world! #Kakarot
Nice poster, is not it?

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