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Cute Things To Draw For Your Best Friend
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Coffee Tip Thursday 🎃⠀
A little motto I follow when creating a workspace: Make the atmosphere motivating and inspiring to you.⠀
As soon as you walk into my home office you will notice the clean white walls covered in shiplap, dark wooden floors, floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with all kinds of books, my small record collection and record player, lots of natural light, a cute light fixture, pictures, seasonal decor, and always a candle.⠀
This office was created specifically to draw me in and get things done. When we moved in, I immediately knew that this would be that space. It’s on the main floor, faces the backyard, has two windows, small but still enough room for what’s needed, and it’s just cozy!⠀
Before creating your workspace figure out what would draw YOU into that space. ⠀
I personally love white and farmhouse vibes. So, I knew this would be the main theme to it (just like the rest of the house). I also am a big reader and had always dreamed of having a library in my house just like Belle 📚 🤓 so I knew massive bookshelves were a must.
On the very top of the shelves I put pictures of my favorite people. All of our siblings and their families, pictures of our parents, pictures of just us, pictures of our best friends. And to tie it all together I sprinkle in seasonal decor.⠀
Last, but not least, I have an inspiring verse hanging on the wall (Joshua 1:9).⠀
These are just a few suggestions when styling your workspace and I hope to share more of my designing habits with you soon! 🤗
Last night I started drawing a chicken at 11:00. Keep in mind that this is just a little past my bedtime and I genuinely do not have much artistic talent. Nonetheless, I proceeded to watercolor this chicken using a week old glass of water that was sitting on my dresser and my little pack of watercolors of course. So far things were looking good, I had impressed myself by drawing quite an adorable chicken and I was even able to color inside the lines with the paint. Then the unthinkable happened. I ripped my beloved chicken right down the center of his poor, charming, little face. For a moment I was devastated and disappointed. Time to give up and go to bed I guess. Then I looked at his sweet face and realized he was still cute!! My disappointment had passed and now all I could think was “imperfect doesn’t mean ruined!” I continued my painting to add an imperfect green field with imperfect flowers and it became a reminder of the beauty of imperfection. And now he makes a great addition to my wall!
My friends, we are an imperfect people. People made out from dirt. Torn, tarnished, damaged, imperfect people. But God does not dwell on imperfection. God looks at your life and knows that imperfect does not mean worthless. God looks at your past and knows that imperfect does does not mean ruined. God looks at your face and knows that imperfect is what He made you to be. He has not given up on you and He will not give up on you. We may be people made out of dirt, but the beautiful thing about being a child of God is that He doesn’t see the dirt in me. I may be torn, tarnished, and damaged but by the blood of Christ I am declared righteous. {For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.
‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:21}‬‬
And my friends, the best part is HE IS STILL WORKING ON ME! {And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭1:6}‬‬
God hasn’t given up on you and I pray that you will not give up on Him. And if you haven’t given God a chance I pray that you will make that choice and allow God to use your (continued in comments)
•••••••••• 2019 ••••••••••
••Prompt list by: churullena
Please give me credit if you're going to repost this image. ♡♡♡
•Some friends and followers asked me to make a prompt list for the Inktober of this year, so here it is... my CREEPYCUTOBER prompt list! 🌹❤🕷
•This year my list is inspired by lots of things I like and I feel inspired with ~ 
Hope you like it as much as I did ~♡ I made this list with love and the best ideas that came to my mind. 🌹🕸
•You're totally free to use my list but I would like to see your artwork so please use the hashtag: #creepycutober to see your pieces easily! 💋💕💞
•Feel inspired my dolls, love for you all today and always. ❤🕷💕🕸
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