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Cross Game Aoba Anime
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Kou is quite muscular as he began training every day at an early age. He also has a problem with his bed hairs.

Kou is very understanding and dependable. Most people tend to think that he is a capable person as he is able to hide his worries and troubles quite well. Because of this, he is also known to be good at lying, able to act calmly in any situation. Kou is also very humble and sometimes doesn't seem to see how great he is. It was quoted by Wakaba that "If you think of Kou as an ordinary boy, you'll get burned. If he puts his mind to it, it's no a pipe dream for him to become the greatest pitcher in Japan."

It is also known that he and Aoba Tsukushima are well alike. They have the same personalities, ideas, actions, and dreams.

Kou is skilled at pitching, especially in fastball. According to Junpei, he has a good form because of his great mentor (Aoba). Kou also demonstrates in pitching breaking balls like Slider.

He is an excellent batter since 5th grade as he always plays at Tsukishima Batting Center ever since he was only three years old.

He demonstrates an average skill...
Kou y Aoba de la serie Cross Game Mitsuru Adachi by Saiyo82 on DeviantArt
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