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It's the first day of Fall 🍁
What's your favourite #matcha recipe for this season? .
📸: thekelseyale "Some of you have asked about the kind of matcha I drink - I use midorispring ceremonial grade organic matcha powder. Ceremonial grade matcha = that bright green ‘pop’ of color; organic = no pesticides!
🙌💚🍵 Matcha is so hot right now, but did you know it’s also rich in oxygenating chlorophyll and minerals selenium, zinc, and chromium. Microminerals like these support healthy thyroid and nervous system function 👌 
My fave matcha latte usually consists of hot water + full-fat coconut milk, collagen protein, and stevia - but these white chocolate matcha candies are another level (of cuteness 😋). Recipe is a few posts back, check it out!"
#midorispring #matcha #organic #matchadesserts #matchasweets #matchatreats #matchawhitechocolate #matchachocolate #chocolates
Me this spring: “Hey, Want to do a sprint triathlon with me?” Two weeks ago ✅ mission accomplished for jess_duke22 abon_74 and I, a first for all 3 of us. I would like to say I was thrilled and felt accomplished by this feat, but to honest I felt frustrated and rather defeated. I had wanted to sign up and train for a sprint tri for a while but not having a background in swimming, the open water swim was daunting and just enough to push off signing up or making a commitment. Biking and running were not going to be a problem, with training I knew I could compete in both of those events. I knew the swim would be the toughest. I joked that my goal for the race was to avoid having to flag down a rescue boat but internally I knew I wanted much more than that. I wanted this to be the moment I conquered my fear and anxiety with the open water swim and had everything come together for race day. I trained at the Y pool throughout the summer and made time to go to the race site two weeks before to swim and get comfortable with the course and the open water feel. Fast forward to the morning of the race. I was ready to go. I was excited and so ready to crush the swim and celebrate with the bike and run. It was time for our wave to get into the chilly 70-degree water and tread water as we waited for our cue to start. I purposely stayed to the back and outside to stay away from the pack so I could focus on doing what I had practiced. “Ready, Go!” 1,2,3 breathe, 1,2,3 breathe. Then, I choked on water. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. All that practice and muscle memory I was counting on went out the window. I resorted to breast stroke and then back floating to mentally reset and get a handle on things before trying again. 2 strokes. I popped back up. Was this really happening? “You are okay. Breathe. Reset. You can do this.” I tried 5 or six times to go back into my planned freestyle stroke with the same result. Frustrated but determined I pushed on, swimming inefficiently with my head above water for the full quarter mile swim. When I finally reached the end my body was fatigued but I was relieved that I had made it and could move on to the bike and run. See more below ⬇️.
I wake up on a still-floating ship and count broken sails, a broken rudder. There is no dismay for it was my choice to take on the storm.  I continue down the deck, watching my step for holes and new-forming puddles. My ankles gripped and released each time I move forward, the cold black water continually grasping my body. 
They call this the sea of Uncertainty; the waters force you to forget how you got here. Up to my chest, the water hungrily groped for more of me, always more.

A strong hand shoots out and grabs my collar bone, pulling down hard. My belly full of water, my finger tips hot. I fight and fight to escape the grip and a list of the ship allows my escape.

All at once, my nose is filled with the smell of autumn. The dark waters let go and I breathe you in, coughing and spitting between gasps. I look up in wonder and find your hips to be mountains, newfound inspiration for my hands to become cartographers. Your eyes new skies, an endless expanse in which to lose my gaze. Your hands blooming tulips to caress my face. 
No longer found, yet I don't mind getting lost in you. .

#poem #writing #poetry #ocean #sailing #instapoet #instapoem #photography #art #creative #love
Our little water baby doing his thing with the awesome shaimilan
from floatingpanda_sa. I highly recommend them ❤ Can't wait to take Khush for his next sesh.

#Repost floatingpanda_sa 
Babas are naturally fond of water - it’s the perfect time to introduce them to water safety 💦. Our classes are designed for 6 months to 3-year old’s to learn new skills through discovery, play & repetition. Not only will your lil’ panda enjoy a full body workout, but will also learn to kick, float, roll over & submerge.

Book your session today for only R390 🥽 🐼. Link in bio.
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Nice poster, is not it?

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