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Red And Blue Pill
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In matrix movie, we have seen this amazing red and blue pill. Actually in real life always life gives us two option to choose. whatever decision you take, makes or breaks your life. To make a wise decision never dependent on short term gain. be careful from temptation. it looks attractive but work only give satisfaction. So which one will you choose ?

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I try not to talk about this much but dang man, I miss playing ball. Seeing the boys everyday, early mornings and late nights, year round training, the injuries, the smell of hot turf, the lights, the glory, the brotherhood, and most of all just suiting up in the red and blue. I always think about the “what if’s” for me when it comes to playing in college and if I decided to pursue it. I miss the game everyday, but I know God’s plan for me is what I’m doing now. It’s a tough pill to swallow at times, but I know there’s something he has planned that I haven’t seen yet. Lately I just have been reminiscing on high school days playing ball and how there is no place like STL, you can’t explain in it words, but everyone in the brotherhood knows what it’s about. Thinking about the injury I got junior year and how posting the surgery to after graduation was SO WORTH IT, getting that ring made playing everyday through pain pay off. I know it ain’t no Super Bowl but there’s something different about playing for Saint Louis. Hands down one of the proudest moments of my life was bringing that title back to Kalaepohaku and being apart of the numerous teams that did the same before me. I guess we started a new streak #14peatagain?

To all my boys at D1 schools, keep grinding and keep living the dream.
•Operation: Ocean Blue Steel •Status: TOP SECRET!!!(*slides down invisible door*)
• Department: Department of Slobberknockery and Dockry
•Agents: Dillon Duke Diedmontstein, Nazi Hunter (Codename: Necrosis98, The Jewish Attack Flamingo, Major Menorah, Rick): Recent exploits- Successful capture of Nicholas Riedmont, eliminated undead agent of the Necromancer, ate Falkowski's power meat went sicko mode fucking everywhere defeating the god Paouimont but killing 200,000 "tanned" people in process (they made a musical about them and a movie so we good), general badassry.
•Targets: -Pokey von Klienerschnitzeltrapp- Ringleader of Young Musicians for Nazism. Powers: Sounds like Neil Young and I think a frog Idk let me know in the comments, Uttering "I don't see x" makes x begin to fade away out of existence (works for sounds as well, not to be confused with shape shifting "Uh, I'm x, and I y"). Weakness: For Schnitzel that won't be revealed till college. - Big Ole Eye Bitch- Um.... Eye? Powers: Blinking, looking, no eyebrows, dilating, being an eye. Weakness: Being an eye, dry air, poking, the dark, that shit they put in your eye at the eye doctor. 
A-a-Ron Scrogurter: What ya buying guy from Resident Evil, representative from the Caravan of Jokes. Powers: Crash Cymbals, Acidic Oral Excretions, transformation into Furry apparently. Weakness: His dad liking Katie Perry, Clowns, ding-ding-ding, ding-ding-ding, ding-ding-ding. -SOOOOOOSAN: Randomly wandered into the meeting and accidentally became a Nazi. Powers: Well, hmm, not really a threat (probably kill her anyway), can sing Joan Jett. Weakness: Most Cognitive processes. -Gabby: Good Girl. Powers: Awww, Potato Skills. Weakness: Being dummy thicc, tummy rubs, look at her🤗. •Location: Compound wherever Falkowski went.
•Strategy: Any means Necessary. I mean really kill the vibes of the entire Aryan race! Except gabby, scratch under chin, call her cutie. •Mission: Get Mountain Goo reserves under compound, I mean shit no, wrong document (We live in a society they can't handle the red and blue pill). Bring, you know, Freedom? Idk just rub off put in and take out some bullets!
2nd place in Strings fest, MVJ &
3rd place in inter college fest held at St John's.
Credits of getting the team together and making us walk like professional models: 31tan 
PC: solomonrajj & sankalp_shivanna 
Team red and blue pills ❤️ love you all ❤️
Life is a series of choices.  Like the red pill or blue pill; there’s yes or no, good or bad, right or wrong, this or that,  you get the point. For me, before drums, it was NHL or bust. Being a goalie was my fire and obsession. That was until the music bug bit me and on May 25, 2005... Life gave me a BIG red or blue pill scenario. After playing my last hockey game, in the same day, I was presented my first opportunity to drum/perform in front of a crowd.... of course I wanted to drum, but little did I know how much that would change EVERYTHING... after I got off stage, I sat back and thought,” Ok, that was unreal... and I want more... so do I really wanna play hockey anymore... or never lose that feeling I just had drumming my heart out?” So NHL, or Rock n Roll?! I chose rock!! (Which I’m glad I did!)
Never did I think that years later, I would get another chance to play hockey again... but as of yesterday, I have acquired goalie gear and will be joining the adult league at fordicecenter Bellevue!! I’m so ecstatic to guard the net again, be the rock n rollin goalie and share an old passion of mine with all of you who only know me as a musician!!! #drummer #goalie #rocknroll #metal #hockey #serendipity #ecstatic #fordicecenter #fordicecenterbellevue #nhl #nashville #tennessee #nashvillepredators #dwdrums #sabiancymbals #from #one #mask #to #the #other #purgemask #goaliemask
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