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Weird Memes About School
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHOENIX I love you so much you are the bestest bestfriend of all of the bestfriends you are so amazing in thousands of ways and you’re beautiful no matter what anyone or even you says my life was good before I met you and then I met you and now my life is even better you make me a better person and better friend and I love you for that life really wouldn’t be the same without you in it you’ve helped me through some things and I’m grateful and thankful that I have you in my life to help me and I wish everybody could have a bestfriend like you but you’re mine and no one can have you 😈lol no I’ll share 😂 just don’t forget about me when you go to high school your weirdo friend from middle school lol but I’m super happy that you’re turning 14 because today marks another year from the day that you were born and without that day you wouldn’t be here so also thank you Ms Tammy for giving birth to Phoenix because she’s the best and I love her so much and there’s nobody else like her so thank you for Phoenix and Phoenix don’t ever forget that you are amazing and beautiful and you are just great I love you so much and I wish we could’ve been friends sooner but we have more years to make more memories and get old 😂 You’re like the best thing in my life you make me happy and you make me want to go to school and you got me into kpop and memes and lots of other things but I also want to thank you for putting up with the crazy weird thing that is me and congratulations you’ve put up with me for about... 1 year and a few months wow I’m surprise you haven’t found new friends but really thank you for being you and I know we haven’t really known each other for that long but yeah I love you and you’re beautiful and amazing and weird and smart and funny and you’re my bestfriend so thank you its_just_phoenix for being my friend and being you I’ve loved you since the emo phase lol 😂 and don’t forget Ms Tammy thank you too because you’re the best for giving birth to her wild_social_worker and here’s a quote because quotes “ the greatest of life is friendship and I have received it.” I have received friendship from an amazing person I LOVE YOU PHOENIX Happy B-Day 💖
i graduate TOMORROW! so okokok kids, here’s my cheesy “i’m leaving high school” post. i’m absolutely terrified to leave high school only because it’s all i’ve known for four years. not going back to brookville is just gonna feel weird and i’m not ready for that. but first let me start off by thanking paul, shauna, corey, and liz for making 1st period just actually tolerable. i hated that class at the beginning of the year.  i’m gonna miss paula showing me memes at the end of class OR showing me the next pair of shoes he’s gonna cop, and i’m gonna miss shauna’s endless funny ass stories during class. liz thank you for constantly keeping that classroom alive, if it wasn’t for you and andrew that class would’ve been boring as shiiiit. now,, to my underclassmen friends. i’m gonna miss you all so much, my heart is actually breaking as i type this out because you all are growing up to be wonderful people. i’m gonna come and visit, i promise. all i can really say is TRY to enjoy the good times at school, because they don’t last forever and soon you’ll be graduating and it’s so scary to think about. MY CHIOR BABIES!! be good to mrs. h, she tries her very best, i love you all so much and you each have a little special spot in my heart. i’m gonna miss you all sooooo much. 
anyone who’s tagged in this post i just wanna thank from the bottom of my heart for making my senior year absolutely amazing. i love ALL of you. i’ll see you soon. (: xx
“I really wish you proved me wrong, but all you do is talk too much. Worry about your hair and nails instead of something else, how about the lies you tell? Honestly I gave you the world. And you still asked for more. Can’t believe my feelings are hurt. Inside my mind is war. Can’t take it anymore. Can’t take it anymore... everything I do makes it worse.” .
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☆ mylo Johnson ☆

Nickname(s):Miles,my's,lizard boy,no chin. ☆Appearence☆

Stands at:5,8


Born:Aug 15th 2002

Sexuality: bisexual


Eye color(s):dark brown

Hair color(s):dark brown

Hair length:semi long ☆Personality traits☆
Kind of a dumbass,too sarcastic for his own good,weird,living meme.

Likes:making weird things out of clay,art,music,he collects buttons,listening to sanity's fall with sal and Larry,going ghost hunting with the group.

Dislikes:people who lie,being yelled at,sitting still for too long,people he doesn't know/like staring at him,people who talk about themselves too much,being spoken over.

Occupation:high school student, professional idiot.

Abilities(As in powers):he once put a blueberry in his nose and shot it at Larry.


Father(very dead)

Lisa Johnson (mama)

Larry Johnson (brother)
Nice poster, is not it?

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