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Ellora Caves
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There is a 2200 years old tourist attraction in west Mumbai called Kanheri Caves which is included among top mysterious caves in India.These caves are located north of Borivali inside Sanjay Gandhi Nation Park.From the entrance gate of this Park the caves are about 6 kms away in the jungles.The dense forests and green surrounding is an enjoyable experience. 
Kanheri is credited with the largest number of cave excavations in a single hill.There are 109-110 caves  in Kanheri which is larger in number than even Ajanta-Ellora caves.Among these Buddhist caves the one with no 3,11,34,41,67 and 87 are very important.

Kanheri caves are believed to have been constructed between 200 BC to 1100 AD.

The word ‘Kanheri’ (locally Kanheri Leni) derives from Sanskrit script which means black mountain.The cave art has been made with large basaltic rock outcrop.

The largest Buddhist statue of Kanheri Caves is 25 feet in height.To reach these caves rocks have been cut out to make stairs.You will come across beautiful water streams on the way to these caves.

All the caves have been marked with a number and there is no problem in navigating between these caves.

In rainy season many sources of water stream arise from the mountains.The water is stored in the reservoir at the base.

How to reach?
1. You can opt private vehicle
2. BEST buses are there from Borivali Station Bus No. 188
3. Bicycle from Sanjay Gandhi National Park Entrance

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I tried to capture just how frickin' massive this cave temple was but failed. So instead enjoy these pretty colors and look up Ellora Cave Temples, particularly Kailasha. Or watch the Ancient Aliens episode called Shiva the Destroyer that includes it as evidence. I'm sure that it's completely accurate and not offensive at all.
Ellora Caves are an impressive complex of rock shrines that represent the three faiths of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism and were created between the 5th and the 13th centuries CE.
The Hindu caves are the most dramatic in design, and the Buddhist caves contain the simplest ornamentation. 
A must visit place I must say. 🙂
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No big machines, no rocket science technology was used, still Ajanta-Ellora caves were made rock cut and carved so beautifully that it's highly impossible to construct such beauties again.
UNESCO world heritage 
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Remember that chapter  on Ajanta and Ellora in school? I don't recollect the description or the content but I vividly remember that I found them fascinating. That is exactly what I felt when I visited the  Ellora caves today. Unbelievable precision and detailing-- From rainwater harvesting to ventilation to aesthetics, they were the masters of all.
(If you ever plan to make a trip, hire a Govt Guide. They are the best)
Also, FYI, I asked this guy to click some pictures for me. Well, it is quite obvious that he didn't care 🤷
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Ellora / Ajanta was ecstatic, they became the highlight of my trip 🖋

Ellora Caves is one of the largest rock-cut temple that was built between 6th-11th century. Since I’d decided to go to India, these caves seemed unmissable for me (although many skip it, or don’t even know it)- perhaps more so than to visit Taj Mahal (which nobody skips) 🖋

It’s just so incredible to imagine that thousands of artisans of that period, over several generations, carving out huge rocks only using chisels and hammers for the holiness, in different religions. These structures weren’t built by putting rocks on top of each other. JUST CARVED. That’s just batshit crazy (sorry I had to use the word because some caves have so much smell of it 🦇) 🖋

Next day I visited Ajanta Caves- which was built even before Ellora, before Jesus. They contain many paintings from that period. No, it’s not “caveman” kind of drawings, but real beautiful stuff. Colors. I was much more interested in Ellora first, but Ajanta was certainly worth a visit 🖋

There’s always something about caves, that is so comforting,  peaceful, and meditative too. Ellora Caves and Ajanta Caves, on top of it, stir so much imagination- of ancient times🖋 .
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