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Good Morning - Cave
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How I stay fit in college📓🤓
⭐️Have a morning routine
I try to wake up at least an hour before I have to leave for class. This allows me to drink my coffee and make my breakfast. Having a good morning always sets me up for a good day! If I miss breakfast I usually cave and go get fast food because I am starving by lunch🙃
⭐️Carry a water bottle
I always have a water bottle in my book bag! I prefer them to have a straw because I drink faster! It’s a constant reminder to keep up on your water intake. I also find that when I’m bored in class I’ll just sip on my water to give me something to do😂
⭐️take the stairs
Pretty self explanatory, take the stairs and don’t be lazy🤷🏼‍♀️
⭐️go to meals
I have my go to meals that I eat throughout the week. Find something you love that you can eat over and over again! This is mainly what I do for breakfast, it makes it easier in the mornings. My go to breakfast is 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of hash browns, pepper jack cheese, EBTB seasoning, and ketchup on top😛
⭐️keep a clutter free room
Having a clutter free room helps me to have a clutter free mind🧘🏼‍♀️ when I’m super stressed out the last thing I want to do is eat healthy and go to the gym, and having a messy room just adds to that. To get myself out of a funk, I like to pick up my room. This helps me be motivated for the rest of my day!
⭐️get GOOD sleep
I am a HUGE advocate for getting your sleep in. I’m always the one that goes to bed first😂 I love getting my full 8 hours in because it helps me feel rejuvenated and ready for my day. It also helps keep you healthy and your body running at its full potential👊🏻
Hope you enjoyed how I have learned to stay fit in college. Comment a 🐶 if you made it this far in honor of my little pup laying on my bed in the background❤️
#fittips #healthy #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitspo #healthyliving #healthtips #college #collegegirl #collegefitness #collegefitnessjourney
Good morning from Imotski by simon_cerulean 
The Red Lake is actually a karst sinkhole filled with water. The name came from the red cliffs surrounding the lake. The speleologists who investigated it determined that it was formed by the collapse of a cave roof. Those who are not very familiar with speleology but know about myths and legends have their own theories, or rather a legend that says that in the past a palace existed over the lake, Gavan’s palace, which collapsed into the ground, and a lake was created there. According to the latest measurements, the lake is 255 metres deep, and the first man to touch the bottom was the French cave diver Frederic Swierczynski during a four-hour dive. Now all that’s needed is to find someone who’ll toss pebbles into the lake.
#RedLake #VisitImotski #Lake #nationalgeographic #Croatia
Good morning. Those with monday syndrome; your only address for coffee and peace Elika Cave Suites.
Günaydın. Pazartesi sendromu yaşayanlar; kahve ve huzur için tek adresiniz Elika Cave Suites.
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[english below]
Guten Morgen und einen schönen Kraft-Sonntag!
Zu den Bildern:
Der Gollinger Wasserfall, eigentlich Schwarzbachfall genannt, entspringt aus einem Karsthöhlensystem im Tennengau in Österreich. Das Gebirge dem er entspringt, endet auf seiner anderen Seite in Deutschland im Berchtesgadener Land am Königssee, keine 30 Minuten mit dem Auto entfernt.
Wer also einen naturerlebnisreichen Kurztripp in die österreichischen und bayerischen Alpen plant, sollte auf jedenfall auch den Gollinger Wasserfall als Station einplanen. Dabei empfiehlt es sich, im nahe gelegenen Gollingen zu übernachten und den Wasserfall früh am morgen zu besuchen, um keine Zeit zu verlieren. 
Ein 24 Stunden Check-in bietet zum Beispiel das Hotel Hotel.Pension.Gollingen, das Frühstück war super [Werbung unbezahlt, weil Empfehlung]
Stationen auf diesem 48 Stunden Kurztripp im September waren:
Tag 1 Chiemgau/Chiemsee 
Tag 2 Tennengau/Gollinger Wasserfall - Berchtesgaden/Königssee
Good morning and a nice Sunday of strength!
To the pictures:
The Gollinger Waterfall, actually called Schwarzbachfall, originates from a karst cave system in the Tennengau in Austria. The mountain from which it originates ends on its other side in Germany in the Berchtesgadener Land at Königssee, less than 30 minutes away by car.
So if you are planning a short trip to the Austrian and Bavarian Alps rich in natural experiences, you should definitely include the Gollinger Waterfall as a stop. 
We recommend staying overnight in nearby Gollingen and visiting the waterfall early in the morning to avoid wasting any time. 
The hotel Hotel.Pension.Gollingen, for example, offers a 24-hour check-in, breakfast was great [advertising unpaid, because recommendation].
Stops on this 48 hour short trip in September were:
Day 1 Chiemgau/Chiemsee 
Day 2 Tennengau/Gollinger Waterfall - Berchtesgaden/Königssee
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Nice poster, is not it?

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