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Stock photos 🖼 The internet is a visual thing so stock photography absolutely has it's place. But that doesn't mean you don't get to stand out from the crowd💃🏼 you don't have to use the same photos as everyone else - in fact, why would you want to?

Creating your own stock style photography at home is so easy. And you don't even need any fancy equipment or special knowledge to make it happen. • try to tell a story 📖 put a scene together representing your breakfast 🍳 or add some photos from your life for a touch of the personal
• find some interesting lighting 🌤 check out how the sun moves around your house and play with the shadows. Or if that fails, just make sure it's well lit!
• stop zooming in 🔎 unless you've got a camera with a zoom lens just move the phone closer to your subject, then let cropping do the rest. You lose so much photo quality otherwise!
• get a free photo editing mobile app! I use lightroom which is perfect for basic and complex photo edits. Plus you can easily download and install presets for a consistent aesthetic. Even if you don't like the highly edited look, you should at least make light and colour adjustments such as saturation and contrast - just to make the photo pop a little bit!

There's more tips about taking your own stock photography at home up on the blog! Link in bio 👀

What are your top tips for basic photography?
When I started doing photography one of my goals was distribution. I wanted to get my work out there. After my photography won aphroditefilmawards I knew other people, other photographers and filmmakers, saw something in it, and that pushed my motivation even harder. 
I decided a good way to start getting more exposure and money at the same time would be through custom content briefs and stock photography. I'm honored that gettyimages and istockbygettyimages took me on and so far I have a 100% approval rate on my submitted content. 
This is the beginning I feel. I've been eyeing galleries and talking with interior designers and it's really exciting! Thank you to all who believed in me! You know I will give you a free photo. I love you! 💕📸
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00006_equivalenza .
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