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Brother And Sister Photo Ideas
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It dawned on me at the weekend (while spending time with my wonderful brother and sister-in-law..oh and Iain too 😂) my brother and I very rarely get a photo on our own, so I took the opportunity to have this one taken. I have always had so much admiration for my brother...he tries his hardest with everything he does, from being a great business man to being a wonderful husband and father. He’s not been successful in absolutely everything but what’s amazing is he doesn’t complain..he takes it on the chin and learns and moves on to the next successful venture. Family is an unconditional love but when when you get to respect as well as love your that’s special!! However, my phone still isn’t working right since he converted it into Chinese!! So he can be a bit of a git too!!! 我們要 Just to prove it!! I have no idea what I’ve typed there so I hope it’s nothing offensive! 😂😂😂 jim.mitch13 .
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Who are those little faces?? That’s my family and I love them to pieces. 💛 my parents just celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary and my brother and sister in love just celebrated their first wedding anniversary! 🥰I’ve watched my parents grow more and more in love and in wisdom on HOW to love through the years. They’ve been each other’s cheerleader, protector and Godsend through really tough times including the loss of a child. I watched their marriage blossom through tickle fights, movie nights, clinging to each other in the midst of chaos and deep conversation. My brother and I are so fortunate to call them our parents and their marriage is still growing! That’s the beauty of it! Through God’s design, Marriages should never stop deepening in love.. in fact, they should blossom daily! 🌱🌻 I’m a sap when it comes to the mushy gushy love stuff, and the idea of being married to Ryan for 37 years makes my heart fly! How deep a love will we have then? 
Anyway, to my parents-thank you for being such a Godly example of marriage to us. It’s by that example that Brenden and I waited til our Godly match came along and for that, I’m so so grateful. 
Brenden and Kat- I love the way you love each other, I pray it deepens and blossoms every day! Happy anniversary! 
Photo by: kristenricephoto 
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With it being World Mental Health day I thought I’d share an experience I faced as a supporting partner of someone who’s been fighting this battle. 
It’s definitely been a tough time, Zane’s character and personality changed so much at one point I hardly recognised him. He went from the most positive, motivated and enthusiastic bloke to a guy who couldn’t get off the couch, refused to step out side and didn’t want to see or speak to anyone. It felt as if these days went on forever, I felt I was spending every second of everyday thinking about how I could help Zane get back to his positive, motivated and enthusiastic self.
The hardest thing was having to leave him each day to go to work, I was literally scared that he wouldn’t be there when I got home- luckily we had his Mum, Dad, Brother and sister-in-law’s support.
To help Zane I thought of an idea to print off these little quotes I found on google and each morning I would read one out and leave one next to the TV in a photo frame of his niece and nephew. 
Honestly I’m not sure how much good they did to Zane, of course he’ll always say they helped a lot, but it actually did a bloody great deal of good for me! 
Knowing that Zane turns to the photos of Jed and Macey (his nephew and niece) when he’s feeling his lowest, I felt like the quotes would be a little reminder that he’s not alone and that each day he’d have something new to read and focus on. 
Point of the story is that sometimes it’s important to do the little things even if they seem silly, they may help your loved one who’s fighting a battle of mental health but it may even help you.  It’s just as important to take care of yourself as a supporter through these tough times.

I’ve started a insta page to post and share some things from myself and other supporters of mental health because I know how hard it can be and how it feels to be so confused, scared and unsure if what your doing is right. 
Together we can create a community where we all feel comfortable supporting each other. 
So please follow: whateverittakesride the_support_crew
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