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Holding Out for the Right Business - Personal Brand ...
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💗HEY GIRL 👋🏻 We are Brooke + Mattie and we are the founders of #NaSHEville 💗
We wanted a space where ALL women every age, shape, size, background, style, etc could come together and share community and support while giving back to things that personally touch our lives and we feel the Lord put us on this earth to shed a light on! 
Mattie is a retired wine bar owner with a creative writing degree- Brooke is a retired hairstylist with a music business/PR degree.  We both have chased our dreams and have packed a lot of life into 30 years.  We found ourselves having somewhat of an early mid life crisis knowing that God was pulling us out of our current lifestyles into something bigger for His kingdom.  Mattie ran an almost all exclusively female staff and enjoyed writing and speaking to women.  Brooke mentored a team of over 20,000 women in network marketing and enjoyed hearing each and every story of every woman she came across.  It was a natural fit to start a company for women.  A brand that would uplift and empower without having to tear down or discuss politics.  A group that was all about inclusion and not division.  That’s what we feel this world could use a whole lot of right now! Brooke is an adoptive mom and wanted to give back to orphans and advocate for adoption. They went to scripture and saw that God also calls us to care for widows. We felt we needed one more so Mattie’s husband,Ben, worked for the DA’s office and had a huge heart for rehabilitating trafficked women.  He hooked us up with some partners and there were our 3 missions- orphans, widows and trafficked women.  2 months later Ben suddenly passed away from a tragic accident and we saw how in the hardest times the Lord still is good and had paved a way for Mattie to truly walk along side the women we so desperately wanted to help and honor Ben and his work.  We know we were put on this earth to hold the NaSHEville torch high and help create a community you all can be so proud to belong to! It will be a year this month that we officially launched and we are so in awe of how much the Lord has used this brand already! Isaiah 1:17 💗 new anniversary shirts available now!
Before I said yes to being a health and fitness coach, I can’t tell you how unfulfilled I felt.
I felt like I lived a mediocre life. I went to work, came home and sat on the couch and watched TV until I passed out. I didn’t love my job. I hated feeling like I had no drive or motivation. 😔.
Flash forward a few short months and everything has changed. My cup finally feels full. I have an amazing tribe of women who motivate and push me everyday to be a better me! 💪🏽.
I have a morning routine that includes waking up early- journaling, personal development and exercising. I work on my side business either before or after work. I have team calls with my girls so we can make sure our clients are kicking butt in our bootcamps. I have women who hold me accountable and make sure I achieve my goals. I decided to stop settling for a mediocre life. I started to breathe positivity into the world and it brought it right back to me -with a BRAND NEW job! 🤩🤩.
I have come so far in these last few months and it wouldn’t have been possible without coaching and changing my lifestyle. Plus, getting paid to to be in the best shape of your life, physically and mentally, isn’t a bad bonus either 🤷🏽‍♀️😂.
Shoot me a message “yes” if you want to learn more about what I do! You CAN sit with us! 🥰
READ THIS | At the very beginning of our ZERRIN journey back in 2017, we knew we wanted to find a more eco-friendly way to get your orders to you. Avoiding plastic packaging? That was a no brainer. But how could we go a step further to discourage waste?

We took a long hard look at our own habits, and realised that when it came to even recyclable cardboard packaging, we could never reuse or regift it because of logo branding - which meant if we needed to box up a gift for a friend or relative for birthdays, Christmas or other occasions, we’d have to go out and buy a separate gift box or bag.

So - we thought, what if we could design our packaging from the start so it could be reused in multiple ways? 🤔Thats what sparked the idea behind our ZERRIN box - an unbranded, reversible design which means you can turn your box inside out to the coloured side (see it pictured above!) and reuse it to extend its life. We know customers who have reused our boxes for presents, for storage, as a memory box or even to hold their kiddos colouring pencils!

As a small business, its natural to want to put your logo everywhere to get your name out, but we trusted our gut and swallowed our pride on this one and took the plunge, thinking it was just the right thing to do.

And that’s why included in every single order is a personal note and a reminder to do our three ‘R’s, - REUSE, REGIFT OR RECYCLE. If you’ve reused our box in anyway, or if you have any ideas on how we can improve, please let us know below!👇🏼👇🏼 And also guys - take note you can reuse your boxes for the upcoming festive season!

Throwback to a beautiful picture 📸 of our ZERRIN box by the incredible tropikelle, who was one of our first customers and has turned into one of our biggest cheerleaders.

#sustainability #zerowaste #recycle #slowfashion #ethicalfashion #grateful #gift #design #noplastics
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