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Joker Dark Knight (69+ images)
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I saw Joker last night and really enjoyed it. It was a movie that took a few hours to settle into my brain and for me to process what I saw. I won’t post any spoilers, but when I was thinking of what image to post with this, I remembered this great poster I saw in NYC this week, and felt it was perfect because it really represents the movie well. In the film we watch this kindly (albeit depressed) fellow transform into the Joker. Again, no spoilers, but this is not a comic book movie. Even The Dark Knight which felt incredibly realistic had its comic book moments. This film has nothing like that. It is a character study of abuse, violence, mental illness, and the like. Now there will be people who don’t like it and I can totally see why. It’s not a likable film. There is no hero, and everything is seen through Arthur’s tainted eyes. Characters who normally seem heroic or good such as Thomas Wayne are portrayed in a way where they seem sorta terrible. Is that how they really are, or is this just how Arthur sees the world? Questions like that are left to the viewer. I’ve heard the movie called pretentious and I can see that too, but I don’t think that makes it a bad film. The director, actors, and crew have a POV and they are sticking with it hard. They want to show the human emotion and baggage around mental illness and bullying. In a world of blockbusters and CGI that might feel pretentious, but that doesn’t make it an idea that shouldn’t be told. This movie has not topped my favorite Joker pieces from BTAS or The Dark Knight, but that’s mostly because it’s not a Batman piece really. It’s a dark look at a person’s self destruction that happens to take place in Gotham. This story could have easily been told without the Batman connection, but in almost every way it’s that connection that is making this film so throughly discussed, debated, and dissected. Any movie that can do that, is worth something.
Il y aura un avant et un après Joker.
C’est rare que j’ai l’envie de communiquer mon enthousiasme pour un film mais nous sommes face à quelque chose qui va marquer cette décennie et peut être même l’histoire du cinéma. 
C’est certainement l’une de mes plus grandes expériences cinématographiques.
Avec ce film on assiste à une réécriture du genre comme l'avait été à l'époque The Dark Knight ou encore Watchmen.
Sa noirceur égale sans souci les pages les plus aigus de Vertigo (le label adulte de DC).
Et les symboles, tout comme les métaphores, ne manquent pas. La référence directe à « Les Temps Modernes » résonne comme un sentiment de supériorité et d’hypocrisie par les habitants aisés et insouciants de la colère qui les entoure.
Le personnage de Murray Franklin, animateur d’un TV Show et ironiquement interprété par Robert De Niro, rappelant la valse des pantins. Son rôle est comme le porte-parole qui répand et conditionne la souffrance.
Gotham n’a jamais était aussi réaliste, aussi effroyable, nous sommes au cœur d’un Gotham comme on l’imaginait devant les planches de Killing Joke.
Joaquin Phoenix devient le Joker, il lui donne l’image la plus cauchemardesque qui soit, peut être même sa plus grande performance à ce jour. 
Le cinéaste Todd Phillips réalise là son meilleur film, un chef-d'œuvre. Un miracle. Ce long-métrage pourrait être salvateur tant il est d'envergure, Warner Bros pourrait bien changé la donne selon son succès au box office tant il emprunte un chemin à l'opposé de ce que l'on nous sert depuis des années.
Ce Joker va ouvrir la voie à un renouveau, à un renouveau d’Hollywood. #joker

When you are in for this film,  all you have is worries,  can the actor meet the expectations? 
Because Heath Ledger have already created a wonderful image for the joker. So its a risky job for every actor to be his successor. 
Keeping aside the flaws in story and direction,  because Cristopher Nolan's Dark Knight is far beyond comparisons. But in Joker joaquinphoenixv will amaze  you in every second. From the very beginning,  when he is on the screen,  you just dont want to take your eyes off the screen,  because you would miss something.

I believe it is worth to keep this post on the timeline and wait till the next Oscars to see what they,  theacademy, have got for him. 
Hats off 😊
Pic Courtesy : imdb
#joaquinphoenix #imdb #jokermovie #heathledger
Nice poster, is not it?

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