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King Cheetah
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Acinonyx jabatus rex

DESCRIPTION: Like normal cheetahs, king cheetahs also have tall and slim bodies. Although they look similar, the king cheetah has a fur pattern mutation (caused by lack of genetic diversity)  which results in its large connected black patches – differing from the smaller and more plentiful spots found on the common cheetah.
COMMUNICATION: Mainly high- pitched chirping calls, marking territory through urine or saliva (through cheek rubbing).
SOCIAL STRUCTURE: Female cheetahs are solitary, unless when raising young where mothers usually stay close together, otherwise they only come into contact with other cheetahs when mating. Males will however form coalitions (mostly between brothers) of about 2-3 to defend more territory. They are not territorial towards each other but are towards other male coalitions.
MALE: Looks similar to females, but are a bit larger in size.
FEMALE: Have a smaller build than males.
YOUNG: Have the same characteristics as their parents.
REPRODUCTION: Cheetahs are the most reproductive cats. They have a gestation period of about 90 – 95 days, aft...
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