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I can't do my newly adopted city Charlotte, NC like that. Outside of my Home Depot job, and the "F -" Ikea delivery guys yesterday, life in Charlotte has actually been real cool. For the most part many people are nice and courteous, even some of the young people are also nice and courteous. There is still a thread of Southern Hospitality here and out of every place I've been to down South since I've left NYC Dec 15th, 2016, Charlotte, NC has been the best thus far. So while Charlotte has areas that need improvement, it is a city that is growing and will have 'growth pains' but after 6 months here, I have to honestly give Charlotte a 75% 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍!!!! rating. The medical community in the area of medical referrals needs improvement and my other issue, how Black people treat each other is a REAL big issue, just like anywhere else in America. But outisde of those two issues, Charlotte is a pretty cool place. #charlottemecklenberg #charlottenc #ikea #poordeliveryservice #poorikeadeliveryservice
This morning. “Patient in asystole!” - “Initiate CPR?!” - “No!”
Wanna learn something new? Let’s get into it!
Adenosine. Restarting the heart. Generating the genuine feeling of impending doom in patients, that’s why explaining the side-effects to your patient before administration is important.
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How it works: triggering a few seconds of asystole due to a total but transient blockade of the AV-conduction (heart block), ultimately conversing to sinus rhythm.
On a electrophysiological level this is done by decreasing a calcium-influx into the sinus-node cells, resulting in hyperpolarization of the SA-node cell-membrane. This slows the atrioventricular (AV) conduction and results in a total AV-block.
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Don’t initiate CPR during those few seconds of asystole, since adenosine is a ultra-short acting agent with a half-life less than 10 seconds. It literally restarts the heart
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Use in: Patients with supraventricular tachycardia with an accessory electric tract, bypassing the AV-nodule (eg WPW-Syndrome)
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Dosing for termination of supraventricular tachycardia is an initial 6mg push, followed by a 12mg push 1-2 minutes later if no conversion.
Valsalva maneuvers should be attempted prior to adenosine administration, if clinically feasible.
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Don’t use in: asthmatic patients, as it might lead to severe bronchospasm, making a situation worse.
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Always take care of precautionary measures, as adenosine has pro-arrhythmogenic effect like every other rhythm-medication. Precautionary measures should involve patches placed on the patient and intubation/CPR equipment ready to go.
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The next time your patient goes into cardiac arrest after an adenosine push, you’ll know what to do! Keep your cool for a few seconds and wait for the effect to terminate itself. Double-tap and tag your friends if you liked it!
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THANK YOU! Our event with enviadventures couldn’t have gone better. Thanks to all who came out and supported us. Think about this... a group of cool brands came together to have a good time and because of that we will be able to get over $8,000 of medical bills forgiven for local families. 📸 fractalfocus
You never know what guys you grew up with become. While visiting a hospital, I bumped into a guy I grew up with. I Thought ..”He must be an intern or orderly here...” (he still works part-time at a local auto parts store- incognito I guess🤣) He became a medical doc! Cool Rasty. Good for you man!!!💯👊🏽.
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