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*takes a deeeeeep breath
Ahhh, here I am, finally making the time to sit down and write something for this page.
I’ve resisted coming to this realization a lot to be honest. Looking back, last February was when I first thought the thought of “I really don’t want to do this right now”.
Here comes the first tear. ‘A tear? From what?’- you’re probably thinking.
Well here’s the thing:
When I was 17 years old I started to learn about entrepreneurship, and found this online world of ‘online millionaires’ (think people like amandabucci , loriharder). I watched them release online programs from their pajamas in their house. I watched them create their own schedules, do what they love and make money. ‘THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO DO AND AM SUPPOSE TO DO’, 17y/o me thought.
So I grabbed out my journal, and wrote out what my life was going to look like until I die.
Start my own business.
Become a millionaire by 22.
Live waterside on the Okanagan with my husband and our 2 amazing kids.
So I started this Instagram account.
Started the when I was just 17y/o.
Flew to Greece to do my 200hr YTT at just 18y/o.
Started doing online fitness coaching just weeks after getting home from Greece.
Did the hungryforhappiness certification and got certified as a disordered eating & body image coach.
Stopped doing online fitness coaching and started to share more on eating disorders.
Started doing online coaching for teen girls struggling with disordered eating body image.
HUSTLING, HUSTLING, HUSTLING to ‘stay on schedule’.
Here’s my current reality:
Feeling like I’m missing out on being a young adult.
Feeling like a failure for not being where I think I am ‘suppose’ to be
Frequent feelings of anxiety/sadness/stress
Feeling burnt out from social media
Feeling tired of constantly thinking about what my career is going to be/figuring out my life
Thoughts of wanting to fully give-up this whole ‘entrepreneurship’ thing
Conscience #rp_steampunk_44 [MODIFIABLE/RÉUTILISABLE]

Nom: Wolphu
Prénom: Gulliver
Surnom : Gu, Gulli ( oui comme la chaine de télé)
Race: Joanne
Âge : 24 ans
Os: pansexuel
Apparence: (bruh t'est aveugle?)
Métier: Ingénieur en tout genre et horloger a ses heures perdues

Gulliver est considéré comme un fou. Mais vu que c'est un fou millionaire, c'est un excentrique. Sa fortune, il l'a gagné grâce a ses nombreuses inventions. En effet, c'est un ingénieur renommé et un inventeur de génie. Il est souvent affublé de ses lunettes, (image 2) indispensable pour faire du bon travail. Sa sœur adoptive, victoire, il la chérit plus que tout. C'est lui qui lui a construit sa faux. Toutes ses armes, il les a construites lui-même.

Dans sa vie personnelle, Gulliver est une personne chaleureuse, aimante, protectrice et un peu folle sur les bords. Il s'ouvre facilement aux autres, mais reste toujours vigilant. Quand la tension monte, c'est une bête enragée presque imbattable, au tir comme au corps a corps. Il utilise majoritairement son épée/fouet (image 4) qu'il attache en ceinture et quand la difficulté se fait sentir, il utilise son canon portatif (image 3) qu'il trimbale attaché dans son dos. Victoire a laissé entendre qu'il possédait quelque-chose en dernier recours, mais même elle ne sait pas précisément ce que c'est.

Anecdote inutile: il est triskaïdékaphobe
#1: Use the AVR Formula! ☑️ Post attention grabbing images and videos, bring value 👌 and build relatability through story telling! ( more of that is in the Instagram University 2.0 - Link in bio niklaspedde )
#2: Focus on the Engagement Rate! Make sure that your posts get as much engagement as possible in the first hour after posting. (HACK: Use engagement groups)
#3: Create High Quality Content that is shareable / viral!
▶️ Hope this helps you! Are you already using engagement groups? Comment below.
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Nice poster, is not it?

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