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My Fitness Journey Part 1 | KJ and Company
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I’ve been playing too small 😬
My entrepreneurial journey started in network marketing, by accident really. But it was an incredible vehicle for teaching me about business in a safe space. It allowed me to build a brand, learn how to be a leader, and shined a light on my strengths. After leaving that company and working on my own fitness programs and coaching, I (again on accident!) found myself partnering with a young activewear company. I certainly didn't intend to do much with this business; just offer great clothes to my clients 💁🏻‍♀️
Over the last two years this part of my business has grown so large that I've actually stopped all fitness coaching, minus sharing health tips on social as I think of them. And although this change has been amazing and freeing and so joyful, I've resisted the public version of it. I noticed that I was still hiding behind the "fitness coach" job description, even though that wasn't my role any longer. .
Because I'm such a big proponent of BEING YOU I decided it was time to level up and stop playing small 👊🏼 That might mean that some of you who follow me for my fitness advice pack your bags and leave, but I'm okay with that if it means being 100% where I'm supposed to be 😘
👉🏼I am a rep for an activewear company. I lead a large team of women doing the same thing. My mission is to help the women on my team achieve their personal and financial goals, whatever they are 🌙
I also want to be a resource for other network marketers, whether they are on my team or even in my company, because I LOVE this industry. It has done amazing things for me and my family and 1000s of others. .
Thanks for letting me share this journey with you all ❤️
⁣Today is #NationalFitnessDay (if you weren’t already aware!🤪)⠀
I attended an incredible mindful class this morning at rowbotslondon taught by my amazing friend iamlaurenwhite with my fave missfitsnutrition 🌟⠀
Honestly I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing company and be able to see so many of my gorgeous friends again!⠀
Fitness for me used to be about getting “abs” and building a “booty” but so much has changed since I started my fitness journey. ⠀
💫I now use fitness to help control my #type1diabetes⠀
💫It is also the one thing I do for myself where I can get out of my head and away from any stresses or worries and just train⠀
💫And now it has helped me make so many amazing friends and that is why I love fitness and everything it has done for me.⠀
Safe to say I wouldn’t be the person I am or where I am today without it. 💛
Hello IG and FB friends and Happy Thursday! As you guys know from my stories, I have embarked on a new fitness journey that keeps me motivated (even when I’m not motivated 🙄) and holds me accountable to BALANCED nutrition MOST OF THE TIME (I’m a believer in the 80/20 rule...cuz let’s face it, ya gotta live a little, right? 🍔🍻😜) along with CONSISTENT workouts. •
About a month ago, I changed my membership to “coach” status (mainly for the discount on products cuz I think they’re the 💣 #justbeinghonest 🤷‍♀️), but it has also inspired me to want to share the experience with others who are looking to better their own fitness and be a part of a positive, encouraging community that enables us to become the best version of ourselves. Not to mention the potential for making a little bit of “beer money” in the process. 👍😜 You don’t have to be cut and chiseled, you don’t have to tell people what moves to do, you just have to be there to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to “stay the path” and join the fitness journey with you helping each other see results. •
Beachbody has been a blessing for me and it came along right when I needed it since taking a hiatus from my running! I am loving it so much! If you want to learn more about it from other long-time coaches and listen in on what coaching with this company is all about, DM me and I can get you hooked up! It happens tonight, Thursday Sept. 19 at 7:15 PST, 8:15 MST 10:15 EST. •
Thanks for your time! Mwah! 😘 #livinglifetothefullest #fitlifestyle #fitover50club #stayhealthyandfit
Mawning 🌴🧘🏿‍♀️✨ 💞🤗 😘🙋🏿‍♀️ Sooooooo I'm embarking on a Fitness Journey and I would love You to be a part of it! Exercising my Mind 😊, Temple, and Spirit! Cracking down 😂💀 on the Vegan Kit Starter 😂 Pack that I sometimes fall victim to🤪🙄 Ummmmmmmmm detoxing, fasting, continuewater( I drink a gallon a day now), teas, vitamins, good company and remaining open and in flow with my Life ✨ Are You Ready? I Am.😆 #rebirthlotustec #tecwalk #tecwalker #goodmorning #mawning #fit #getfit #fitness #detox #cleanse #cleaneating #clearblockages #fasting #herbs #tea #yogainspiration #teacherlife #homeschoolteacher  #openminded #growthmindset #journey  #weighttraining #waisttraining #ready #morningmeditation #vulnerability #youtube #youtuber #youtubechannel
Nice poster, is not it?

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