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I used to believe that great copywriters wrote all their beautiful words from a place of talent. That writing copy wasn't something that could be learned. It was something you could either do… or not. 😢

When I started learning the techniques behind copywriting, I realised how wrong I was. 
The truth is that 80% of copywriting is technique and process. 🤯

When you know the framework for writing a website page, brochure, sales letter or ad, and you understand how to home in on the messages that matter, you can write copy that commands attention and action (just like copywriters at the top of their game). And you will write it quickly. 
Copywriting theory + templates + coaching = confidence

Whether you want to write copy, or you write copy now, this copywriting course will teach you techniques to create compelling, customer-focused copywriting and the processes you need to do it again and again and again.

And ALL THE LESSONS - none of that drip-drip nonsense - are waiting for you inside the Members area.

Enroll now, and I'll send over your login within 90 seconds.

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Posted withrepost • liftsmcgee Great friend and great trainer adam_marianelli :
“Wanting to learn a new hobby like rock climbing involves bullet proofing ranges I’m not even sure that I’ll need. But, I don’t want to regret not training those areas and then getting hurt. Also, coaches need coaches.  Diving into the FRC system can be a tough task. It never hurts to learn from someone who has a little more experience. Especially when Collin has been learning from and being coached by one of the best in the business as well. I know the training I’m getting is top quality” .
Coachception: “The phenomenon of coaches helping coaches help coaches and it’s effect of their ability to bring the highest quality training service to those they work with and it’s exponential effect on bringing change to the world.”
This isn’t a zero sum game.  It’s about them.  Not you.  Seek to be better so you can always be confident with those who’s lives you have an opportunity to change. Thank you getchimpy for all the help and benefit you have brought me to help myself and others. .
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Today marks the 5th dentist procedure I’ve had in around 1 1/2 months. And I have 4 more to go. 2 root canals and 5 fillings. I go to school from 8-2, work 3-9, or vice versa, study until around 12am, rinse and repeat. I have a 3.8 Post-Bacc GPA. I make time t read occasionally, prepare presentations for our local American Medical Student Association chapter of which I am President, in which we educate pre-med students on the various aspects of being successful in going to medical school. I train for Powerlifting and I coach (remotely) other powerlifters and general health enthusiasts. I find time to read. I find time to play with my son and enjoy my family. I have a really exciting side-project in the works. .

Why am I saying this? Because I also struggle with self doubt. I struggle every day, thinking who the hell am I to be knocking on the door of medial schools? All the pre-meds around me are so different from me. I wonder every day, what else is it that I’m not doing that’s going to be my downfall during application cycle. .

But when I say out loud the things I’ve done, especially to other people, they never wonder those things. Everyone else can see how hard I’m working and what a good job I’m doing. And I need to compliment myself more. I need more confidence that I’ve come such a long way from where I started, and that I’ll make it to where I’m going. .
Thank you to everyone who has supported me in the past. Your words of encouragement really do mean something to me, and I couldn’t do this on my own.

Since coming back off holiday I haven’t been eating the best but after yesterday’s track session I needed something healthy and tasty.

So I made a massive portion of Mediterranean veg (courgettes, peppers, red onion and home grown cherry tomatoes), oven baked salmon and homegrown BBQ potato wedges.

I didn’t manage to finish it but I was full for 7 hours which is a record for me! I did have a couple of chocolate treats though so I’m not perfect 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I started the week right!

How did you start your week off? And if it wasn’t a good start how are you going to change it next week?

For bespoke 1-2-1 training, group training or sports massages DM me or email @

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Autumn, time for self-care!
The summer is often hectic and adventurous.⁣ When September arrives it's time to "come home", so to speak.
Creating a space for self care is crucial, especially during these times of external hardships.
High stakes situations such as the Iran/US, the Hong Kong/China and the India/Kashmir conflicts are being intensified. Only a fool think it doesn't have an impact on their life, fear and anxiety travels fast and far. It will trigger the survival mode, and the economies will be in turbulence. So, can we be immune to the outer world? No the outer world has an huge impact on the individual and vice versa.
Some of us are more sensitive than others, and we can get lost i emotions of self-doubt and self-criticism when others project their fear, anger and insecurity towards us.
Make your self the highest priority this autumn, we need you!
✨Talk to you soon!
Höst, tid för dig! ✨⁣
Sommaren är ofta hektisk och äventyrlig. 
Så när september närmar sig är det tid att "komma hem", så att säga. ✨
Att våga sätta sig själv i första rummet är så viktigt, särskilt i tider med "hårda tag" i den yttre världen.
Höga insatser som Iran / USA, Hong Kong / Kina och Indien / Kashmir-konflikterna intensifieras. Endast en idiot tror att det inte påverkar deras liv, rädsla och oro reser snabbt och långt. De mänskliga konflikterna kommer att trigga överlevnads mentaliteten, varpå ekonomierna hamnar i turbulens. 
På den personliga arenan kommer det att synas på ditt jobb, i din familj etc.
Så kan vi vara immun mot den yttre världen?
Nej den yttre världen har en enorm inverkan på individen och vice versa. ✨⁣
Vissa av oss är mer känsliga än andra, och vi kan gå vilse i känslor av självtvivel och självkritik när andra projicerar sin rädsla, ilska och osäkerhet mot oss.
Gör dig själv till högsta prioritet i höst, du behövs!
✨Hörs snart! ✨Catarina

Eight years ago, I grew my beard out to hide my face, as I wasn't the biggest fan of how I looked. Unexpectedly, I started receiving compliments on my looks for the first time in my life, typically along the lines of: "I like your beard!". As a result, I didn't even consider shaving for years! 🧔🏻➡️🙋🏻‍♂️
This past year however, I felt the urge to shave for the first time for a Halloween party (I wanted to go as Tony Horton, the creator of p90x 😂). As the time to shave got closer, I found myself paralyzed by fear. "I haven't seen my own face in years! What if I'm ugly? What if it doesn't grow back in time for our wedding?" 😱
With all these thoughts swirling, I decided to forego shaving, instead opting for a time-honored costume of being an NBA player (which entails wearing a jersey, lol). ⛹️🏻‍♂️
Fast forward a few months later to today: Megan and I have been on our honeymoon in Maui for about a week and it's been unreal! Last week, we had the best time of our lives in Puerto Vallarta for our wedding. Feeling the happiest and most confident I've ever been, I decided that nothing could stop me: I was ready to shave and stop hiding from the world.💈💇🏻‍♂️
Maybe I'm being dramatic, but it's important to be mindful of the fact that we can all get in our heads and build up the smallest things into the biggest, scariest challenges. With that in mind, I wanted to call out a few things:
1. Beauty and confidence come from within. If you know you're that dude (or dudette) internally, the world will see it too! This post is my way of saying: "what up world?! anybody else feeling handsome af today? 🔥"
2. Thank you megladd for being so supportive and for not judging me at all. If ya'll don't have a life coach, go get one! 🚀
3. 👇🏻🔑 Low key, watching Queer Eye also gave me the confidence I needed. While I was shaving, I envisioned jvn saying "yaaaaaas! Let's show off that gorgeous face honey!" 🍯💁🏻‍♂️
If ya'll have any fashion, hair, or lifestyle decisions you've been mulling over, I hope this is the confidence boost and sign you needed to make it happen! Mahalo for reading and enjoy the rest of your week 🤙🏻❤️🍍
Nice poster, is not it?

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