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Happy 16th! You’re legal now! (Not that that means anything ;) Jk)
So now that you’re an old lady for a couple days, I thought I’d post the pictures that will be on slideshow at your funeral whilst a sad version of Pony plays in the background.
Also, WTF!!! I’m so proud of us for making it this far!!! Like 2 years ago was a shit time but look at us now!!
I didn’t want to be cringey and write a big soppy paragraph exclaiming how much you mean to me but I thought, you’re 16 now so, here I go, (and I’m not good at this):
Shreek, You’re such a wonderful person, you’re fucking funny af, beautiful, smart(er than me), and the grenest shreek ever, but most importantly, you’re the most amazing best friend in the whole world, you’re so amazing and easy to talk to, you’re never afraid to tell me how it is and you always make light of awful situations, you always cheer me up when I’m sad and you always have the best advice. I still remember when we used to try and convince people we were twins! I honestly don’t know what my life would be like if you weren’t here with me, being emo with me, even when our emo phases were years ago. Keep being yourself Shreek, and keep watching that ceiling ghost!! I hope one day that we’ll be old as hell and sat in a house full of cats watching Shrek 12 and salad fingers season 5, whilst the hoarder tv show people try to clean our house up. 
Happy 16th, Elly and Thank you for putting up with me for almost 13 years!?!?!!! LAMP!
the best pictures are with family and in the middle of old burnt houses, an old stable, and corn fields that go on for miles and miles.  I can’t wait to move in to this house full of adventure,old stuff, and family.
photo taken by: mason_feer
This is a framed picture titled " OLD SCHOOL LOVE" taken by sjumchai as a very thoughtful gift to me and gaggan_anand today. I have the NIGHT mode picture and gaggan_anand is having the DAY mode picture. sjumchai told me, you deserve this photo as it holds most of the greatest memories in your life whether it is good or bad. I looked at it today in happiness and sadness because this simple picture, was a house full of memories that I have spent for the last 7.5 years, shared with laughter, music, creativity and most of all, the people that dedicated their passion, time and love .
24/08/19 was the day to remember. Our service ended at about 1:30am. We changed a few dishes for this special night and we had 134 covers. I had to be everywhere in the kitchen just to make sure everything is in place and everyone is doing the right thing. As I was doing that...I entered the main kitchen to see my main man pjoao20 ,it was really busy, everyone was communicating, and I realized how GREAT our team is. I was MESMERIZED. Remembering back how we used to do only 30 covers a day 😅. Remembering the times when we first got awarded. Remembering how much we have CHANGED for the better!
I will most definitely miss this house with gaggan_anand . It has given me the chance to learn, discover, experiment, experience and found my booboo love sjumchai ♥️. It created open doors and opportunities for SO MANY PEOPLE! and I couldn't ask for more.. .
Happy or sad, it's a mixed feeling, but I believe in progressing with the team. Thank you to every single one of you guys, I can't wait to be back in action with you all! gaggan_anand
pjoao20 drula9 pigatemypizza vibhihr charfung so_not_rad by__assis johnnie_bunzl dawoony_lim polynse palanil.2609 jalamsinghrana shun1320 costapoucocosta viviats hgarabato amarottara zev_bennett wine.bully1789 .
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Been a little quiet on social media with pictures lately but definitely been far from quiet at work! Full House of panneling completed yesterday for some lovely customers :-) all ready booked to return to fit 4 fitted wardrobes in a few weeks and hopefully get it all sorted for an amazing house warming party after pretty much a whole house renovation!! This is a beautiful old house in Stanley and the panels just carried on the style of the house with a little more upto date style 😍
Always one of my favourite jobs as I love wall panels and wainscoting 😁
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Four years ago today we said “I do” beneath the steeple of our favorite little white church, and the two 21 year olds in this picture dreamt of where they’d be by now: two kids, a charming house, Ethan working a really cool job while I stay at home with our family and our red golden retriever named Moose. But four years later and while we’re both working really cool jobs, that’s about the only thing that has gone somewhat according to plan. I get bogged down by it sometimes, how life doesn’t look much like all of the plans we made optimistically four years ago. How, like, 70% of my insta feed made a pregnancy announcement on the same day I was feeling particularly sad about the kids we dream of but don’t yet know, how we still live in our rented apartment instead of owning our dreamy ranch. How I’m currently working three jobs instead of staying home, and how Ethan works 12 hour days just to try and make our dreams come true one day. Our life doesn’t look quite how we thought it would look by now...and that can be hard. But unsurprisingly, and at risk of sounding trite, it’s turned out far better than we ever could have imagined. Because we’ve woken up every single day of the past four years next to the person we love the most in the world. We’ve gone to bed each night with hearts full of dreams and heads full of ways to make them happen and hands more than willing to do the hard work. And I wouldn’t trade a single day of the last four years - even the hard and heavy days - for any other life with any other person (nor would I trade our scruffy little Roosevelt for any amount of golden retrievers). ♥️
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