Poster Our Digital Nomad Life: Your Questions Answered

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Our Digital Nomad Life: Your Questions Answered
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What’s my story? -

I am often asked about myself and watch as eyes widen in amazement while I recite the boilerplate of my current epoch: “I’m nomadic. Fully, since last May. I work online. Digital marketing and copywriting. Mostly Europe, the Caribbean and the states. Yes, blessed.” I say, answering their questions, asked and unasked. -

Last July, I was hypnotized. Either that or I took a nap... coincidentally falling asleep during the first count and awaking precisely to the sound of the second count. -

When I came back to full consciousness, I was told I had been instructed to read the story of my life and write the next chapter. I was warned that I’d be in a hyper-energetic state for the next 24-48 hours and to pay close attention to my thoughts and feelings. So I did. -

I couldn’t quite tap into reading what I’d written. Only one thing was clear: I had not written my current partner into the next chapter. Three weeks later, that relationship ended. I still can’t decide if that was a self-fulfilling prophecy or not. I know I had no conscious intention to end it, I even actively made moves to preserve it. But alas, it was not written and thus ended. - [Insert your belief here: God, universe, intuition, divine spirit, guardian angel, fairy godmother] Whatever it may be, there’s an enigmatic guiding force that pushes us to do what our feeble conscious minds refuse to do. -

As I move forward with this nomadic thing: embracing the feelings of otherness and insecurity that mirror those of freedom and oneness, I’ll continue to write my story as it happens...until the next time hypnosis happens. Which is soon I hope, because that ish was dope. -
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