Poster Periodic Chart Of The Elements

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Periodic Chart Of The Elements
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When I work with women experiencing menstrual challenges (painful periods, PMS, PMDD, cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, amenorrhea), my first question is: “How is your connection to your natural rhythm?” Often a woman with menstrual challenges has severed (or has had severed) her connection to her cyclical nature. Within the menstrual cycle there is a beautifully consistent rhythm (for those with endometriosis or amenorrhea it can be harder to see, but it is still there). We are constantly being built up, broken down and everything in between. This dance between the two poles of birth and death is the natural law, and for menstruating people, to lose sight of it is disruptive on a psychic level. These disruptions to the psyche ricochet through the body, inevitably disrupting the endocrine system and causing hormonal imbalances which are known as the “cause” for the challenges listed above

The rhythm of your menstrual cycle is like a bowl holding all the elements together; the way your pelvis holds your sexual organs. The first part of healing is to Step Back Into the Circle of your Cycle and rebuild your connection to a pattern of living wisdom within your body. This can be as simple as choosing to do it right now. From this choice, beginning to journal and chart your cycle can start to cement a practice of listening. The rest flows when the rhythm is restored

And if the disconnection from your natural rhythm hasn’t created any of the physical challenges above, it may still leave you feeling tired, separate from your creative flow, unable to enjoy your pleasure body, or with the feeling that that wild and holy feminine place within you is untended

Moon Body consultations are a symbiosis of many years study of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Menstrual Cycle Awareness, Fertility Awareness Method, Yoga Therapy, Regenerative Detox and Plant Based Nutrition. If you are experiencing any of the challenges above and you’d like to book an online consultation you can find the link in my bio under 'Healing Menstrual Challenges’
Om Namah Shivay
Om Hanumate Namah

Those following Western Astrology, people born in-between October 23 to November 22 are in this Zodiac. However as per Vedic Astrology, its not related to a continuous time period as we calculate it basis other aspects and planet positioning. It has it’s own strengths and weaknesses and it’s element and ruling planet governs it’s behaviour and personalities. It also helps us knowing the current trend in the person’s life.

Connect with us and let us have a study of your horoscope, so that we can tell you the things happening in your life, the people you are getting connected with so that we can find, who are the better ones in your life and who are not. Let’s know the future better so that we can plan our journey of life.
We don’t give generalised readings like majority of the people do ( sun sign or moon sign or birth nakshatra based). We do use them, to do the analysis, but we take a 360 degree approach. If you see, even twins have different life and different birth charts, though they may have same zodiac sign. So personalised readings are always good and precise.
Whatsapp me on +91-8239044498 and lets start.

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