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Pokemon (72+ images)
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I made this little video about Thorin and Bilbo last february but I was hesitant about posting it. It is very simple because I didn't want to spend to much time on it and I don t have the material to do good videos and animations. The song I used is a song from a pokemon movie : "if only tears could bring you back" 🎶 I hope you like it !

Une petite vidéo toute simple que j'ai faite en février et que j'hésitais un peu à poster. C'est tout simple car je ne voulais faire quelque chose dassez rapide et surtout que je n'ai pas de matériel correct pour faire des animation jai du faire des captures d'écrans image par image sur un logiciel de traitement de texte xD j'ai beaucoup aimé faire cette petite vidéo. La musique que j'ai choisi viens d'un film pokemon "if only tears could bring you back" 💙
>Team Pokemon Ready!!
This is my last Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fanart, this time Pikachu is ready for his new rescue request!

Thank you very much for waiting so long guys, I just entered the university and I'm trying to adapt my time to the schedules, I hope you have a great day and see you later!

#Pokemon #pokemonmasters
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“Art is about creating a dialogue, pushing boundaries & constantly evolving the whole medium.”; a core belief for contemporary Pop Artist Ben Frost. [benfrostisdead] The Australian rebel has built a 15 year, international career challenging mainstream traditions by subverting iconic imagery in popular culture & questioning how such representations function to shape both societal identity & social values. Frost’s bold, confronting & often controversial works are known to spark passionate responses ranging from physical harm to his paintings to attempted police censorship for works deemed vulgar. Influenced by themes from advertising, entertainment & politics, Frost’s subversive concepts exist to question the way these figures & logos cause viewers to immediately associate meaning with personal experiences & emotions. Typically painting in the characteristic bright hues of the Pop Art tradition, Frost skillfully layers his images w/o distracting from the canvas’ innate 2D qualities.  His highly provocative images distort characters like Hello Kitty, the Simpsons, Pokemon & Disney lovables to reveal how such representations imbed in the minds of his audience. As a genre Pop Art is commonly hailed as a lens of American life,  habitually conflating art & consumer culture. Like most Pop artists, Frost’s appropriation of recognizable imagery serves to break down illusions that art exists in some superior realm, instead emphasizing the fact that, like everything else in consumer culture, art is a commodity. #KnowYourWorth •For More Visit•
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😎Pokemon Pin Loop😎
Gotta catch all these Pokemon pins!! Read below for details! 🤩
1. Like this post & follow me! 
2. Tag 2 friends and tell us which starter Pokemon would you choose? 
3. Tap the photo and go the tagged profile.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you complete the loop!
5. Comment “done” and that’s it! 💗 If you’re not following all the accounts tagged, you won’t be eligible to win! 👾For 1 additional entry share this in your stories with the hashtag #pokemonpinloop 👾For 3 additional entries, repost this image with the hashtag #pokemonpinloop ☠️Giveaway and spam accounts will not be considered. ☠️
⛔️This giveaway is not associated or affiliated with Instagram.⛔️ Good luck and thank you for being a part of this! 💗💗💗
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A glacier Game Boy advance and a copy of Pokemon Emerald. These 2 things are just pure gaming nostalgia for me! Pokemon Emerald was the first game I can remember getting 200+ hours in. I would play it constantly and I'm pretty sure I would still be able to name every Pokemon if you put them in front of me!

What game gives you the most nostalgia??
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Nice poster, is not it?

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