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Pokémon - Cave
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In 2000, #onthisday Pokemon Silver and Gold were released on the Nintendo Gameboy!

Q: What is your favorite Pokémon of generation two?

As with every entry in this series, the meat of the gameplay is found in capturing wild Pokémon, building a team of your own, and facing off against various trainers across the region.  Pokémon are either caught in tall grass on routes, in caves, or in the ocean, and each version has some exclusive Pokémon, encouraging trading.  Each Pokémon can know four moves at any time, and each Pokémon and move has a type, which plays into a huge dynamic of the 17 different types, including two ones introduced in this Generation: Steel and Dark.

Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver also built upon the first game, fleshing out many mechanics and making it feel more whole and balanced. This generation saw the introduction of Pokémon genders (outside of Nidoran), held items, split the Special stat into Special Attack and Special Defense, and added breeding, which made Individual Values (IV) and Effort Values (EV) more relevant and easier to control and customize than ever before, which helped boost the Pokémon’s multiplayer meta-game, a facet of the series that is still going strong until this day. They also introduced the aspect of time-based events and the day and night cycle. This affected when you could catch certain Pokémon and changed your approach to the collection aspect of the game.

My Silver copy here has been well loved. The Gold one is sealed, but is also well loved!

Have you ever played these?

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For hours, rain had been pouring down from the sky, showing no mercy to the inhabitants of the world. Perhaps the legendary Pokémon Thundurus and Tornadus were responsible for this, but Hilbert hadn’t spotted them in the hours he spent hiding in a cave. He was lucky the wild Pokémon were kind enough to let him stay or else he’d have a bigger problem than just the heavy rainfall.
The flames of the fire he set up danced as the wind threatened to blow it out — Hilbert sat in front of the entrance to protect it from any wind and water. Next to him sat his Cinccino, who snuggled next to its Trainer. Behind Hilbert, embracing the two, sat Braviary, sheltering its Trainer from the rain.
As he sat there, waiting for the rain to stop, all Hilbert could think of was his little house in Nuvema — how nice it was to be with Mum, eating warm cereal and a hot cup of chocolate. All this travelling made him miss home.
To his surprise, the wild Pokémon suddenly started to gather around the fire as well. As if to express their hospitality, but also their gratitude. Hilbert knew not a lot of people came here to make a fire for when it rained — this forest wasn’t even well-known. Hell, he couldn’t even find it on the map.
He held Cinccino close to him as Braviary covered its wings around the Trainer like a blanket. Hilbert could feel its defensiveness — it had no trust in the wild Pokémon. It was natural for the bird Pokémon to act this way, as there had been many situations where many Pokémon meant harm to Hilbert. As one of the first partners Hilbert travelled with, Braviary was most protective over its Trainer, even more so than Hilbert’s starter Pokémon Samurott.
Hilbert never complained about it, however — no, it was something he was thankful for. If Braviary wasn’t there to look out for him, he would get himself into so much trouble. Hilbert couldn’t imagine living without his Pokémon anymore.
Screeching into the number 1 spot we have..
============================ Number 1: Zubat Golbat and Crobat
============================ i chose the Zubat line because there always in the main series game and when i was making this list i was looking the dex so far and it seems that Zubat hasn’t been revealed yet. That doesn’t seem right because normally Zubat is in every Cave in the main series games so like idk what’s happening with GameFreak.. i really hope that make Zubat into the games! what’s a cave without running into Zubats and Golbats 🤪?
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One year ago, in the town of San Dimas after its_jay_nine ‘s house. I cried and asked this man to be the person who I grow with . Our story begins on the interweb, our lives both complicated but i knew. From me constantly ignoring you on Instagram cause I wasn’t ready but to your relentlessness and my desire to cave in to this beautiful annoying person, we went on a date after many missed opportunities. Our first date, a cat art museum and much food. It was then I saw your beautiful soul and you’re genuine heart. From the walks to the bionicos shop by your house, to the countless nights I spent the over in South Gate where I met your mom. To the first time I introduced you to ramen and the many many dates after. To the brunches we’ve had. To the dinners cooked (I’m the head chef but I have the best sous chef ever) to you being the rock during my accident and unemployment. To the many breweries we have travelled and yet to travel. To the sleeping on a couch in San Diego. To the flight to Arizona and our trip back home. To the crazy concerts you always accompany me to. To the life by the beach and To the home we have created. To the jobs we have. To the opportunities and growth I feel. To the laughter the fun and the friends we have both made. To the many nights where you sleep early and I stay up. To the tears, to the joy, to the love. I have known you for forever but forever is nothing compared to the eternity I wish to spend with you. You are annoying, you get me upset cause you know everything. About me.
But like a Pokémon I chose you. You are one of the best things to have ever happened to me and I never saw you coming although I see that ass all time cheyyooh. You are my best friend, my lover and my rock. You also got the bomb everything and the sweetest smile. We also have the same name, WE ARE BADASS. We works our asses off and I do it for you and I do it for me and we do it for us and I feel all that loving from you POLLO. I can’t wait for the adventures just don’t kill my annoying ass on the way, you first. So cheers to a new year, a year of support love and growth. A year of our home and our future pets. Te amo mi viejo. Happy Un año chulo
how was everyone’s community day? A new Crystal Form is Here 💕Turtwig 🙈He has Crystals instead of his leaves and a waterfall is coming out of his shell! He can be found in caves and adapts to his environment 💎 which Pokémon should get a new Form next?_______________________________________ #pokemon #pokemongo #pokemonfanart #pokemongame #pokemonplatinum #nintendo #Pokemonfusion #pokemonart #drawing #pokemongen7 #nintendolife #pokemonevent #galar #pokemonartist #pokemonvariations #fakemon #shinypokemon #grasspokemon #nintendoswitch #pokemonfan #pokefusion #pokemoncontest #pokemongen8 #fairypokemon #pokemonartwork #pokemoncrystalform #alolaform #torterra #turtwig
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