Poster Portraits In Renaissance Painting

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Portraits In Renaissance Painting
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This is me in Renaissance style according to AI Portraits by MIT IBM Watson AI Lab, which uses an AI model trained on portraits from the Early Renaissance to the Contemporary period. .
It’s not a style filter but a new portrait pieced together by what the AI learnt. So even if you smiled if your selfie, the AI wouldn’t be able to recreate the smile because old renaissance painting had no smiles. The deep blacken wrinkle by my right eye is how the AI interpreted my glasses because Caravaggio’s subjects did not wear any. .
Like this project shows, AI is still deeply affected by human biases and human mistakes.
#aiportraits #renaissanceart #onlyhuman #ai
To continue with the Renaissance paintings theme I present to you my beautiful friend nyxasteriadance.

Moving to a new place came with a little perk. I got my own office/studio. It's not big but has plenty of natural light and it allows me to capture portraits like that.

If anyone would like a similar portrait for you or your loved one (just imagine how awesome it would look in a big beautiful frame) send me a message. Very limited spots available. And there's always a discount for friends and family 🙂

#portrait #painting #renaissance #njphotographer #freeholdphotographer #freeholdnjphotographer #njportraitphotographer
“Elizabeth” by Chris Cran, 2019. ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT - link in bio 🥰
The Chorus Series Paintings (tondo portraits), named after the chorus in Greek theatre are made to float on walls, high or low. They are also meant to be like the putti or cherubs in Renaissance and post-Renaissance paintings who also float around and, like the Greek chorus, comment on the main dramatic action. These Chorus Paintings are only of eyes, noses, and mouths and the captured expression of those features - enjoyment, surprise, curiosity, doubt, disdain. Most of them are looking to one side or the other, some up or down, and occasionally out at the viewer. #art #auction #endAIDS #ElizabethTaylor
Nice poster, is not it?

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