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Project Kindness Giveaway Post ✨
[Update - The winner of this giveaway has been announced. won the giveaway]

No man is an island. For all modern day society's lopsided singular emphasis on the individual, we become who we are as a result of the guidance, mentorship, nurturing and emotional support and love of our families and friends. Today I want to celebrate that spirit of community and connection by celebrating the work of one woman who turned a source of personal grief into a source of inspiration, commitment and love. Monika Sharma, who lost her sister Tashmita, started her own line of apparel called Tashmita Designs making sure her sister still lives on and her memory is still celebrated through each design and garment she designs and makes.
This lovely long tunic jacket I'm wearing in these pictures is a Tashmita Design garment. The winner of this giveaway gets to choose a design from the Tashmitadesigns page. Men  also get an option to choose a classic Kullu shawl or stole as the prize for themselves if they win. There's an option for everyone, so the contest isn't restricted to only women. To enter, you don't have to follow any account or like any posts - all you have to do is comment, "I'm In" on this post and head over to Tashmitadesigns and comment one kind or encouraging thing to Monika on any post of her account page. It can be on how pretty a garment is, or how you like her designs, or if you like the color of a piece, simply state that. All that is required is  one comment of kindness or encouragement on a post of her page and that's considered a entry.

Instagram was supposed to be about people and connection, and less about gimmicks and imagery. Let's play this game of kindness and help build people up with positive encouragement. Let's start with tashmitadesigns 🙂✨ Do share the word. You don't have to follow my account or Tashmita Designs, all you have to do is comment to qualify. The contest closes next week. Best of luck. Be kind, be happy and keep spreading the positive vibes ✨

P.C ashish_clickbug
Essence for women  was birthed out of passion in helping women with tips to live their Daily Lives rightly. I  started with a WhatsApp voice note sending it across to many women on a weekly basis. After a while a number of people came up as a Team and redefined essence into a social media thing using Instagram and Facebook as a point of contact to many other ladies out there. 
As we celebrate our 1st year anniversary of Essence for women, I want to take time to also celebrate every one that has added to this vision in one way or the other.. Oluyatography allows me into his studio at anytime, helps with editing without collecting a dime. He moves around with me when needed and does all of that from his own pockets. God Bless you Bro for all that sacrifices you make to keep essence moving daily.

simply_thaymhee bullied me into starting the recording and talked me out of not wanting the public attention, she handles the posts and generates caption... Too Pretty to be Ignored. Bless your sweet heart dear.

Charityayobami my personal Assistant, both home and abroad. She's an example of Loyalty, she generate posts and Caption. Thank you my darling for all you do... @ Xemma Shots does all the graphic designs and pushes for us to update our page. Such a sweet soul, God bless you Bro.

tomiyin is my Sister by Blood and she also help with designs and content.

_juliius_ is a content developer and writer. He generates and edit content for all post and is a big supporter of essence For Women. Thanks for all the sacrifices Bro, God bless you real big.
Essenceforwomen continues to impact better and wiser. 
We awaits your feedbacks so far

I posted this on my business page, but this applies to all of us, this is an universal issue of love and gratitude!

These words have been on my heart and mind for the last few weeks for many reasons and I have to say them out loud here before they drive me insane!

Let me share why. Personally working at the store gives me an opportunity to fit our customers and to get direct feedback from the trenches (aka our dressing rooms), this is one phrase I heard more than I have fingers and toes to count. "I love that bra and I'm going to buy it but I'm saving it for a special occasion." When I asked why they were saving it, here is the consensus response: "It is too pretty to wear every day! I don't want to damage it or wear it out! I only wear my nice things/clothes on special occasions!" Am I missing something here? Aren't you pretty every day to wear that? Aren't you worthy enough every day to wear that? Aren't you that special occasion every day to wear that? Aren't you alive today consider a special occasion? If you asked me the answer is, YES, you are. YOU ARE THE SPECIAL OCCASION EVERY DAY! There is no better time to celebrate a special occasion than today! 
I know it may sound like I'm upset and I'm a little, for you. The recollection that I almost died last year within a matter of seconds has given me a new perspective on life and I'm learning very quickly not to take things for granted or wait for "that special occasion." Ladies, when you wake up every morning say to yourself, "I'm a miracle, I'm beautifully made, I'm loved and today is a special day because I'm alive." ~Frances

PS: Ladies, thank you for allowing me to vent. Serving women by providing our professional bra fitting services is our mission, however, it goes deeper than that. We truly and literally take our mission to support and uplift women very seriously and that includes reminding you to love yourself.

We are pretty excited to announce that we have launched a Membership Program for Business and Social at Women of Whitehorse.  Here's Founder Jennifer and our resident blogger Amelia celebrating when clicking the launch button.  After 5 years of building this Community for women living, working and visiting in Whitehorse, Manningham, Maroondah and Boroondara in Melbourne this is pretty exciting stuff 😍👍😄🤩🙋‍♀️ If you would like to know more details about how you can join, click on our profile and when you click on it will take you to a page where you click on membership.  That's simple!
Can't wait for you to join us 😍
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Thanksgiving celebrations calls for a gorgeous cake post! The most talented women came together to create such a masterpiece for this shoot that was featured on the front page of Style Me Pretty this past summer. Shout out to rikkimarcone for the florals and staijandco for the beautiful cake.
Nice poster, is not it?

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