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Mr. Robot - Cave
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Lascaux Paintings.
In September of 1940, an 18-year-old mechanic named Marcel Ravidat was walking his dog Robot in the countryside of southwestern France when the dog disappeared down a hole. Robot eventually returned, but the next day Ravidat went to the spot with three friends to explore the hole. And after quite a bit of digging, they discovered a cave with walls covered with paintings, including over 900 paintings of animals—horses, stags, bison, and also species that are now extinct, including a woolly rhinoceros. The paintings were astonishingly detailed and vivid with red, yellow, and black paint made from pulverized mineral pigments that were usually blown through a narrow tube—possibly a hollowed bone—onto the walls of the cave. It would eventually be established that these artworks were at least 17,000 years old.
After World War II, the French government took over protection of the site, and the cave was opened to the public in 1948. When Picasso saw the cave paintings on a visit that year, he reportedly said, “We have invented nothing.”
Similar hand stencils have been found in caves around the world—from Indonesia to Spain to Australia to the Americas to Africa, we have found these memories of hands from 15 or 30 or even 40 thousand years ago.
These communities hunted and gathered, and there were no large caloric surpluses, so every healthy person would have had to contribute to the acquisition of food and water—and yet somehow, they still made time to create art—almost as if art isn’t optional for humans.
La Cave de Monbazillac est l’un des 10 sites nominés aux Trophées du Tourisme et de l’Innovation 2019 par l’équipe de francebleuperigord, grâce au projet collectif et pédagogique avec le robot enjambeur Ted, le premier robot électrique autonome pour le désherbage. 🤖🌱 Votez pour la Cave de Monbazillac (et donc le Château) jusqu’au dimanche, 13 octobre ! 😉 On compte sur vous ! 🙌
Pour voter, c’est pas ici ! 👉
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Finally my finished redrawing of Grimlock and Slug in a Insecticon hive. For those who aren’t familiar with transformers or Fall of Cybertron just think robotic dinosaurs in mechanical cave filled with robot bug eggs. This thing took forever so let me know what u guys think and like and share this. For some explanation basically drew Grimlock and Slug from Fall of Cybertron inside a Insecticon hive with a bunch of eggs around them hatching. Tried to give the area that robotic look while also making it look organic like it’s been infested and the area is rotting away. Oh yeah and basically did this to remake my old 11 year old drawings of Grimlock and Slug so hopefully there’s been improvements. Up next is some more transformers art and redraws. 
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