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Great shot taken by burakesenbey .⁠
The Trusetal Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Thuringian Forest. It is located in the town of Brotterode-Trusetal and is not a natural phenomenon, but an artificially created attraction.⁠
In 1865 the waterfall was built by Trusetal miners under the supervision of Baurat Specht. The water from the Truse below Brotterode is drained by a dam. At first, the 3.5 km long, artificially created waterfall ditch winds its way through the edge of the forest in an arc to the southwest and finally to the northwest to the district of Laudenbach, 500 m before the village in a southern arc to approach the actual river valley again. At Öhmigshauk, the Trusetaler waterfall first plunges over two smaller falls and then over the granite rock over 50 m into a reservoir.  The water then flows back into the truse.⁠
The Trusetal Waterfall only operates from April to October each year. During the winter months, the water inlet is switched off to prevent frost damage to the rock backdrop. A circular hiking trail, which starts with 228 steps at the waterfall, leads through the grounds of this attraction. Accompanying events are the annual waterfall festival in July and a small summer market.⁠
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Recently my favorite color has been green. By that I mean the dominant color that paints mountainsides covered in tall cedar trees and many other types of flora. Mount Mitake was this weekend’s outdoor excursion about 2 hours outside of central Tokyo. Yesterday I went with gitschidev to once again hug some trees and chase waterfalls. About 929 meters tall, Mount Mitake was my first hike in Japan back in April 2018 and its Rock Garden is one of the most picturesque hiking trails I’ve ever been on. Ascending the mountain we hit Nanayo Falls and Ayahiro Falls and walked up the Rock Garden. 
In Japanese there is a term “Shinrin-yoku” that roughly translates to “forest bathing” which is believed to have positive physiological effects due to being immersed in nature. 
Removing myself from the hustle and bustle of the city is something I look forward to doing as much as I can before the weather becomes colder and I’ll need to hibernate indoors for the winter season.
A phenomenal capture of someone climbing up a frozen Proxy Falls in the Three Sisters Wilderness of the Willamette National Forest, near the town of Sisters in Central Oregon! The highway leading to the trailhead to Proxy Falls is closed for the Winter. McKenzie Pass Highway (242) is open from late June until November each year. For the hardcore adventurers you can still get to the falls in the winter, but it's a much more of a grueling hike. West of Proxy Falls at the junction of McKenzie Highway (126) and McKenzie Pass Highway (242) there is a small parking area. From here it is 9 miles to the trailhead and once you get to the trailhead it's another 1/2 mile to get to the falls. This waterfall is 226 feet in height with twin Horsetails coming down the rock face when the falls are not frozen. If you go to Proxy Falls in the winter please do not venture there alone and please be careful. It can be tricky getting down to the base with ice and snow! So keep exploring everyone! This photo is courtesy of Skyler skylerhughes_photo
About the Photographer: Skyler lives in Bend, Oregon! Skyler has extraordinary captures from all over the state, and he really loves the landscapes in a Central Oregon. His website is  worth checking out. The link is on his profile page. Please take a moment to visit this photographer's gallery!
Rough day yesterday- I climbed a 4000’ mountain called Old Speck, intending to spend the night at a campground on the other side of the summit. I was so high up that I was actually inside a raincloud, and when I reached the peak I found that the other side of the mountain was just sheer, steep rock, the fog/cloud was so dense that I could barely see 10’ ahead, and the wind was strong enough that I was afraid it could knock me down. It was only a mile down to the campground, and there was no safe place to spend the night on top of the mountain, so I started picking my way down the slippery rock ledges, before realizing that the situation was simply too dangerous. I retreated back down the other side of the mountain, finally reaching the trailhead at 10 pm.

I was cold, exhausted, and frustrated at hiking so far, only to end up back where I started- I will have to climb that mountain all over again in order to continue on to the next section of trail. I thought about hanging my hammock on the edge of the parking lot, but really just wanted to get the fuck out of there, so I figured I’d give hitching a try first. I honestly wasn’t expecting to get a ride- it was hours after sunset, on a lonesome highway in the middle of a state forest- but the second car to pass me slammed on the brakes, I threw my pack in the back of his pickup, and he brought me to a motel in a small New Hampshire town.

I have to get back to Boston to have oral surgery on Monday, so today I’m gonna hitch to Gorham, and rent a car to get the rest of the way. I’ll probably try to knock out some miles around North Adams this weekend, so I don’t lose too much time off trail; I feel like I’m racing against the winter and barely keeping pace with the changing leaves.

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#Makhmal kouh(Makhmal mountain)Resort:
Makhmal kouh is one of the Lorestan Mountains with a height of over 2900 meters in the northeast of Khorramabad. The northern end of Makhmal kouh reaches the road of Khorramabad-al-Shatr, which is famous for its short stones and its name suggests many stories.
The Makhmal kouh has a sedimentary texture and most of its parts are covered with lichen. With the onset of the season, the black mist and burnt sunlight become green all over. In the northern end of the Velvet Mountain, in the narrow reach of the park, there is a forest park and a resort for tourists who are very visited in the spring and winter. The mountain velvet is very suitable for mountain climbing . By driving a car in a few minutes, you reach the ride.The Mahlukhah Waterfall is located in the beautiful  valley in the Shabikhon Strait. Due to the coverage and abundance of flowers and rocks, this name is well known.
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We spent our week in North Carolina. I don’t know... it may be my favorite state (for now). We rested and loved on each other and played games on the back porch of our little farmhouse. We played in the creek, had plenty of time in the tree swing, and Remy pulled the wagon around all week long. We collected chestnuts to roast this winter and picked flowers and fresh tomatoes from the garden. We did all the touristy things and visited Carl Sandburg’s home, toured the Biltmore Estate, and went to the famous Friday night drum circle in downtown Asheville’s Pritchard Park. 
We hiked, we saw several waterfalls, we even slid down sliding rock... an incredible natural granite water slide in Pisgah National Forest. We fished, we went out for ice cream at Dolly’s, we watched them make donuts in the sweetest little donut shop in the city, and we had our family pictures taken on a beautiful mountaintop at sunset overlooking a sea of clouds. 
We did all these things and more and I must have taken at least a thousand pictures... and it was SO incredibly special... but I write this here in this space because someday, all I may remember is that we were together. Off to Tennessee tomorrow. Adventuring with these five is such a blessing. ❤️
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