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This series of three photos is an attempt to illustrate the working-man's day in different spheres of life. I have tried to make the images as intimate as I possibly can, capturing normal day to day people which we pass by all the time, but never glance back.

1. Swing Away: This image was captured on the streets near Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar, where a footpath was being constructed for easy commutes. 
2. The Great Escape: The image was captured in the pristine shores of Chandipur on a calm and serene morning. I happened to witness a fisherman and his wife plucking out fishes which got caught in the net that they had fenced over three days back. It was just a fortunate coincidence that I was able to capture this image when the fish had just escaped the fisherman's grasp. Liberty!

3. Blowing in the Wind: This image was captured in Kolkata, during Durga Puja. It was late one evening in a crowded 'Puja Pandal' when I found this incredibly sad looking old man selling these bubble blowers. Scores of people passed by him without a glance, and he blew away the bubbles without a care in the world. I observed him for quite some time, and then got up close for a very personal image.

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:Imagine the world would be just black and white. 
Sitting between the Yangshuo-teeth-mountains I am inhaling redeeming poison to bring the colours back to my brain. Black and white - although they are wonderful outfit combination -are devastating when it comes to everyday life, human behavior and the political spectrum.
When the image of me was banned to live eternity in black and white I was sad and shocked by the terminality of this act.
The good and the evil are relativ and non existing. Nietzsche told us god is dead and took this simple and naive hope from mankind. Our only chance was to escape to nihilism and accept the sad reality of buying and selling. 
Existence is pain as memes and a new wave of philosophers - hard studying fellas like Post Malone, Lil Tracy or Peep  himself (RIP) told us in their manifests. 
I needed to escape to the world
of black and white. I am my image. A wise women once told me there is nothing as a self - there is only the image of a self, which is defined and created by actions, but not our old buddy: self-perception. 
Diametral to the relation between the image of myself and the deeds  of myself is the relation of god and the concept of her/him.
A true connoisseur of the mind can’t believe in god, but in the concept of god. 
This concept shows us our way back in the sweet colorful grey area of commiting sins and also getting the salvation from whatever instance we pursue .
Life lives itself while we stay absolute in doubt.
Enjoy your Monday evening as much I do babbling to you ppl:

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