Poster Natural History Museum Exhibits

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Natural History Museum Exhibits
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They say shoot for the moon and if you miss you'll land amongst the stars....
But it should say shoot for the stars and if you miss you'll land on the moon.
As the nearest star is the sun 😉
If you want to get up close to the moon then the Natural history museum exhibit is a fun way to do that
My minions enjoyed 👍
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Mongolia Live and Free Ulaanbaatar Tour are joining the #SaveTheCulturalHeritage movement in #Ulaanbaatar to stand against the government decision to tear down the museums & other culture bearing buildings under the #SDG 11.4 ‘STRENGTHEN EFFORTS TO PROTECT & SAFEGUARD CULTURAL & NATURAL HERITAGE’. But, as of this morning (2019.10.01) the street was cleared up and there is still lack of acknowledgment from the government of Mongolia to hear the citizens' concerns. 
We as citizens of Mongolia MUST stand together against this deliberate destruction of cultural heritage by the government and to preserve and save from the unethical, shortsighted politicians!! Some info about the museum:

The Mongolian National Museum focuses on the archaeology and history of Mongolia, while the Mongolian Natural History Museum is concerned primarily with the flora, fauna, geology and natural history of the country.

The museum includes Departments of Geology, Geography, Flora and Fauna, Paleontology, and Anthropology encompassing the natural history of Mongolia. The museum's holdings include more than 6000 specimens, 45% of which are on permanent public display.

The museum is particularly well known for its dinosaur and other paleontological exhibits, among which the most notable are a nearly complete skeleton of a late Cretaceous Tarbosaurus tyrannosaurid and broadly contemporaneous nests of Protoceratops eggs.

The Museum was established in 1924 as the National Museum (Mongolian: Үндэсний музей). In 1940-1941 the museum became known as the Rural Research Museum' (Mongolian: Орон нутаг судлах музей) and in 1956 as the State Central Museum (Mongolian: Улсын төв музей). The museum received its current designation after the 1991 democratic revolution.

The current building was erected in 1953, and was deemed to be highly susceptible to natural disasters such as earthquakes in a study made in 2013. It was scheduled to be replaced by a new building, with budgeting planned to start in 2014. #Mongolialive
Nice poster, is not it?

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