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This is me - Before and After photo. 1 year apart. .
Here are a few things about me which you probably don’t know .
1) Do you know that Missy Minzy is not my full time gig? I started a part time job late last year. I only work limited days during school hours. The money I earning get pumped into the business which helps to lighten up my financial burden (I was starting to chew my emergency funds). Am sure any small business owner can relate this very well. So every support you purchased from me or via my stockists helps smoothen my creative journey!
2) I was a Mocha coffee drinker. But I have quit milk, cheese (except Camembert cheese) and no coffee. This is by choice. I now drink non-caffeine tea. Love smoothies 🥰
3) I used to dance ballet when I was young. Get told to tuck in my tummy all the time 🤣
4) I have 2 kids and a loving husband. He is my sidekick motivating me being active and live a healthier lifestyle. Me and the kids used to live in Melbourne while hubby working in Canberra. We only get to see him every 3-4 weeks whenever he is back to Melbourne. We moved to Canberra as a family late Year 2016.
5) I have a Diploma in Communication Design. Due to great result and I got exempted to final year studying my degree major in Advertising at RMIT. I sometime wish I continue pursuing Communication Design instead.
6) My new addiction: - watching Chinese Soup Drama. I particularly love watching it while packing my stocks and orders during evening time.
7) Am a night owl.
8) I used to wear lots of quirky jewellery accessories. I now am restricted wearing any of them (no nail polish too) due to pt job’s requirement.
9) I have been very quiet in social media scene of late. Long story short. It started off there was a blur vision on my right eye. It shook my world given am a visual person. Next thing I know is I am being diagnosed Type 2 diabetes. Since then, I have been spending lots of time looking after my health. Change my diet.
10) I made time exercise minimum 4.5 hours each week. The Dr instructed me to loose 6kg in 6mth but I blew her away that I have lose 12kg wth great follow up blood test result recently.
When was the last time you visit your Dr?
Nice poster, is not it?

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